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Found 16 results

  1. I have found the issue with Windows 10 and No Video. You have to go to Camera Privacy and Mic Privacy settings and allow programs to access them. After that, everything works fine but you have to make this change on the camera AND the mic before it will work.
  2. I am getting no video from my Xbox 360 to device ( Roxio Game Capture HD Pro ) to TV what am I doing wrong.
  3. Similar issue. Just upgraded and have no video and no audio. PC running Windows 10 and utilizing original Roxio video capture USB. HELP is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Bob Barker

    Green Screen Problem

    Hello, I have connected all the cable of my VCR to the USB device as requested but I can never get video on the preview screen. All I get is a green screen and sometimes the sound works for a few seconds but no more. My problem is NOT that I don't have a video signal, it is that when the program detects the tape it won't show anything. I am using an ASUS computer and am relatively sure the problem is not the USB port. If anyone know what to do please help me.
  5. I have created a new slideshow on Creator 12. Have done so before and it worked fine. The slideshow works on the Dell, but when I try to save it to a DVD, all I get is audio. Have tried a commercial DVD with video on it and it works fine on the DVD player, so I know the DVD will play back. Have tried to play it on a Mac and I get the audio but not the video. Really need some help with this so I can get the project completed. Thank you.
  6. I hav vhs2dvd 3 plus, installed it in my PC and all worked great for the first two tapes, then when I went to transfer the thrid, I get audio and no video. The PC had nothing change, not even powered down when the problem showed up. So I rebooted, no luck, uninstalled and re-installed, loaded the latest patches from Roxio, no luck. I have tried different USB ports as one post stated that when they moved to a rear mounted usb port it fixed there problem. I am about to trash this application and go buy another, but don't want to if I don't have to waste the $$
  7. No audio/video editing

    Vhs To Dvd3 Plus No Audio/video In Edit Mode

    First project in trying to transfer VHS to DVD. Did the copy/edit mode because I want to remove some of the material. Everything seemed to record properly. I could see the video and hear the audio while recording. The mpg file is on my computer because I can plat it in Windows Media. Nothing comes up on the screen in the edit mode. I hit play and nothing. The bar shows the total time, but it does not play. Nor do see anything when I move the playhead icon. What am I doing wrong? Gateway w/ Windows 7, Home Premium 4 bit Intel Core 5 processor 8GB DDR3 memory 1 TB hard drive Intel HD Graphics
  8. HI all, I am having some trouble with my getting my live stream to work on twitch. When I got the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO back in December I tried to live stream and all it got up to on the twitch was "loading video" until it changes to "offline" when on the program it says that I am still live streaming. I gave it a few more tries and it did work for a few second on one of my attempts before going back to its previous state of "loading video" followed by "offline". At the time I though it was due to my internet at home ( 6mb download/ 0.5mb upload) but now that I am back at uni (75mb download/ 8mb upload) I am having the same problem. I have tried uninstalling it all and restarting etc but it hasn't changed it. I have even tried someone else's disc.The software is uptodate. I have tried changing the quality but again it made no difference to the outcome. There isn't anything in the past broadcasts either. What I have noticed is that is in the options under Live streaming the "Channel" tab is empty (no options to select). Can anyone help?
  9. I got this for the LP to CD part software does not see the Video capture USB device. Page 24 of getting started guide step 4, says to select (Line Roxio Video Capture USB). The only thing I have is Sound Blaster. I have tried the video Capture part with no luck, got picture for about 10 sec. then the whole computer shuts down and restarts with Windows has recovered from a serious error I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software. Now all I get is a Green screen where the video should be then a reboot. After reading this group, this software must really suck I have had trouble getting here to post, Had to register to get a password so I did that then I could not logon All I got was a (PAGE ERROR) Now about 6 hours later I go on..
  10. I have three video files that I dropped into Toast, but only get video for two of them. I am trying to create a Blu-ray disc with 3 menu choices (a film, a production slide show, and a gag reel). The three files (largest less than nine minutes long) are: First: (video black, only plays audio when burned, original .mp4 file size 1.02 GB, 08:20 duration - the film) Video: MPEG-4 Video, 1920 x 1080, 23.98 fps Audio: MPEG-4 Audio, Stereo, 48000 Hz Second: (video black when burned, original .mov file size 140 MB, 03:25 duration - the production slide show) Video: H.264, 1920 x 1080, 23,98 fps Audio: none Third: (plays audio and video, original .mov file size 273 MB, 1:55 duration - the gag reel) Video: MPEG-4 Video, 1920 x 1090, 15 fps Audio: MPEG-4 Audio, Stereo, 44100 Hz Output summary: 2.55 GB, Blu-ray Video, Video MPEG-2, 26.0 Mbps (26.0 Mbps max), Audio Dolby digital 192 kbps Biggest difference I see is the 15 fps on the video that plays vs. 23.98 fps. Will play all files (but not the menu) from a burned disc on my Blu-ray burner LG Super Multi Blue BE14 using Roxio Video Player, but on my Panasonic DMP-BD30 Blu-ray player I get a menu but only can see the video of the third menu item. Using Toast Titanium 11.1 on a MacBook Pro 2.93 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3 memory, Mac OS X 10.7.5. Custom Toast settings: Encoding: Video Format MPEG-2 Average Bit Rate 26.0 Mbps Maximum Bit Rate 26.0 Mbps Motion Estimation Best Reencoding Automatic Field Dominance Automatic Aspect Ration Automatic (all should be 16:9) Audio Format Dolby Digital Data Rate Automatic Thanks for any help! Todd
  11. I just received my Game Capture Pro HD in the mail today and it worked fine with the Wii U at first, but the program randomly crashed which caused the whole laptop system to crash. After restarting the PC, the Game Capture no longer worked using two HDMI cables and I do not have access to Wii U component cables nor do I want to risk a downgrade in video quality. (1080p vs. 1080i) I have also tested the device and it DOES work with the PS3 via third party component cable, but even after uninstalling, rebooting, re-plugging, and rebooting yet again and repeating this process three times, the problem has only gotten worse. Audio is emitting to the PC monitor, but video remains to be seen. After the first two times of reinstalling the software, it displayed merely a black screen with Wii U audio clearly complementing the background. Unfortunately, after the third time of reinstalling the software, there are now various colored bars replacing video which should be streaming from the Wii U console. The status properly displays that there is a signal and that it is "ready", but there is no video being displayed. Audio, however, IS still heard perfectly. Again, during the first installation of the software, the device worked perfectly with Wii U via HDMI. Is there any way I can return to that state? Can I simply wipe away ALL shreds of Roxio software and device drivers removed from my computer to then reinstall as if I'd never installed in the first place? If not, what are my options? I'd prefer not to have the device replaced as I don't believe it's a hardware issue, just a software one that I can't seem to repair on my own. I'm running Windows 8 Pro 64-bit on an Alienware M14x R2 with a basic 8 GB Wii U system and the HDMI cable it was originally packaged with. I've tried alternative HDMI cables with no luck. I took this screenshot prior to the device's performance disruption:
  12. I'm trying to burn a Window's Movie maker video to a DVD using Roxio Easy CD&DVD burning. I've got the menu page and audio, but no videos or pictures. I've tried it using WMM with both video and a picture slide show. Neither had any visual beyond the menu page. What am I doing wrong?!?!?!?
  13. . Searching for video - No video signal -easy set up guide Running VHS to DVD3 PLUS Build 301860A VH3 on a Windows 8pro 64bit platform on a Sony AIO .VHS to DVD3 PLUS - loaded as 32bit I have frequently checked connectivity all connections solid - Scart connector set to 'output'. Device Manager - device, sound, game controller had two driver entries,generic Audio USB, Corel driver. Uninstalled application via CCleaner and Installed again - now in Device Manager there is No entry for the Roxio and hence no drivers! VHS player is VC2PC. just prior to loading the Roxio application I had captured five VHS cassettes using VHS2PC VIA a USB port without any problem all played back ok with a few noise lines/judder. So that should eliminate the PVHS2PC hardware from equation. Now what do to, get drivers loaded drivers, I can't use update drivers without entry for Roxio and a driver entry to update? Can I expand the installation disc locate the drivers and install the .inf file to try and load drivers how do I get this purchased product working ? This problem seems to be a common issue.
  14. Peritoe

    I Need Capturing Help!

    I am having some issues. My audio goes straight to my computer and comes out its speakers, I need it to go through the TV. Same with the video, straight to the computer and it has a delay on it so I can't play it from there. Any help?
  15. I am not able to display video on video import from my VCR. My computer meets all system minimum requirements, I have W-7. I maintain my computer on a regular basis and all updates are up to date. I have plenty of memory space available (more than 700 GBT's). All what I get is a black screen with no video/no sound during video import. The system seems to be capturing a signal from the the VCR since when I turn the video off, the system turns to no signal in red. if I click "Capture" the system starts looping and I have to re-boot the computer. There seems to be a compatibility problem with Windows 7. It also takes to long for the video import option to display. I have asked my computer service provider to check my computer and it seems to be perfectly working. I was advised, the problem could be related to the Roxio program. My next move would be probably to return the package to Costco, but am not to optimistic since most stores are not taking opened software back. Is there a Roxio tel # number where I can call for free ? Any advise ???
  16. gifting

    Tracking Issue

    When playing to adjust audio levels, the video playback screen says DVD/VCR and moves around. No error message. I hear the sound of the video. Thought Iwould move forward and burn the DVD anyway. Still not seeing video when recording but hearing the audio. I'm assuming I won't see the video when I play back the DVD. Why am I not seeing the video?