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Found 3 results

  1. brodiecantskate

    Background Buzzing Noise

    Hi there. I received my Game Capture HD Pro today and it's providing a great picture so far however I am also receiving an annoying buzzing noise in the background. I have tried swapping cables around and have even recorded footage of my Laptop using it which also has the background noise. It's a similar sound to feedback given from guitar amps, etc. I am running the capture card from an Xbox 360 into a regular LCD TV via two HDMI cables. I am also using the provided USB cable running into my Toshiba Laptop and the provided Roxio Game Capture program to record. Here's an example of the noise I am getting when recording. I can hear the noise too coming from my TV/Laptop when I'm running my Xbox which I never hear when I am normally playing. Also I'm not sure if there's any relation between the two but I was recording Black Ops 2 footage earlier and there was a 2 second delay between the picture and audio. Thanks for any help I'd really appreciate it if you had any solutions.
  2. Matt Alcorn

    Addition Of Intermitent Noise

    Dear Toast Friends, I am a new user to to Toast, but have considerable experience with DVD studio. I transferred some 8mm movies to HD and burned them to bluray (I'll get to my workflow in a sec) 8mm resolves as 4:3, and in the black area outside the 4:3 I get intermitent noise that gets bad enough to form horizontal lines. It becomes very distracting although it's not ruining the 4:3 movie area. However, like I said it is intermitent. Sometimes it's completely fine; sometime a little noise like grain, and then boom big noise in horizontal lines. (makes me think there's an 'auto' setting I don't know about) Here's what I did: I projected 8mm onto foam core and shot the foam core with an HPX-3700; creating a 10-bit analog to digital conversion. (awesome so far) Took to final cut. Added two layers of a very tiny amount of sharpening (great refocusing trick); and then added a 3-way color correction filter. Note, the dark area outside the 4:3 image is the underexposed foam core. I then output a full prores 422 master; then use Compressor to create a m2v file for Toast. I turned re-ecode off in toast. The RUB: When I look at the M2V file in VLC, I can see a tiny, but acceptable, amount of noise in the outside black area; but it is greatly increased between that and the final bluray burn. Again, it is intermitent. Sometimes it's fine, sometime light, sometime so dense to create horizintal lines. The noise is mostly noticable in the black area, though you can see it in the actual 4:3 frame area... Any idea what is causing this? Why is it intermitent? Thanks a billion, Matthew Alcorn www.imageriverfilms.com
  3. HI I just bought ROXIO GAMECAP for consoles but I notices some slight distortion in the display on my TV, still very playable. However on my PC end it was far worse. Can anyone suggst any fixes? I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like below. Thanks in advanced.