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Found 8 results

  1. I recently attempted to use Toast 15 to covert a PAL video file to NTSC. I seem to remember that in an older version of Toast, when this was tried, Toast would give you alert asking if you really wanted to do this. However in Toast 15, I did not receive an alert. Toast just output the video file matching the source (PAL) even though I had selected NTSC in the preferences. Does Toast no longer do this type of conversion? (I found nothing about it in the manual). If Toast does not do this type of conversion, are there any recommendations on software that does? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I live in France, and am trying to convert old Video8 tapes to DV, via a Canopus ADVC 110 and FCP7. The original tapes were made on a PAL camera, and I've succeeded in making DV-PAL format movies from them. I'm now trying to take those DV-PAL movies and make PAL DVD's from them, via Toast 9.0.7. When I try to do that, I get the attached error message, which essentially says that the TV standard is set to PAL (indeed it is, in the Toast Audio & Video Preferences), but that my content is in NTSC. The content is not in NTSC, it's in PAL, but my only choice is to write an NTSC DVD, or re-encode all content to PAL. I certainly don't wan't an NTSC disk, so I choose to re-encode what's already in PAL into PAL! That takes 3 hours for a 90 minute tape, but the resulting DVD works fine on my player and my computer. Well, at least it did for the first one. For the second one, there was a problem during the burning, so I had to redo it, and then I got the same PAL/NTSC error message, so I would have to re-re-encode the DV-PAL file! I have about 30 DVDs to make in three copies each, and I can't spend hundreds of hours doing it. I was thinking of upgrading to Toast 11, but if I'm going to have the same problem that would be money thrown out of the window. Any suggestions? Thanks. PS: Thinking that it might make a difference, I downloaded the latest version, 9.0.7a (I had 9.0.7), but when I hit the "About Toast 9 Titanium" button the version still says 9.0.9, without the little "a" at the end.
  3. I am submitting my video to a film festival and it needs to be a blu-ray disk, NTSC region 0 or 1. I have toast 14 Pro. What is the best and/or easiest way to get it done from the finished edit in timeline from Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)? Should I try and burn it using a H264 and a separate audio file exported from Compressor? Or Export/Create a Quicktime (QT) file of my finished timeline video, and import that into Toast to burn the Blu-ray disk?
  4. When burning a DVD with video clips originally formatted PAL, Toast seems to have no problem converting them to the NTSC standard. However if I have several clips which are mixed NTSC and PAL I get the following message: "You are about to create a disc with mixed PAL and NTSC content. Are you sure you want to do this? Discs with mixed content may not play on all players." This makes me assume that the PAL clips will not not be reformatted if there are already NTSC files in the group. Is this so? If yes, is there a workaround to get all clips onto a single DVD that will play NTSC? Thank you.
  5. My burned DVDs will play on my computer but not in any of my DVD players. I get various messages depending on the player, such as file type not supported, Not NTSC, etc. Can't find anything in the software to set format from PAL to NTSC and my Windows DVD maker program is set to NTSC. Don't know where else to look. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi there When I capture from my VHS machine (VCR) - with my settings on PAL - B (or any PAL mode), the picture being captured "jumps" and gets "stuck" a bit every few seconds, like a delay of sorts. At first I thought it may be the video machine, however if I change the settings to NTSC, the picture no longer jumps, and is extremely clear. The problem with using NTSC though, is that it then makes the picture black and white? PAL then returns it to color, but then i have the "jumping" problem. What could cause this? How can I stop my picture / video from jumping? thank you
  7. Hi,I recently acquired Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus to transfer old VHS tapes into MPG files on an HDD. The software captures and stores PAL tapes O, however, when it comes to NTSC it generates a message that there is no video on a blank screen, however, the audio seems to be received OK as I can hear it. The VCER plays both PAL and NTSC and automatically detects the standard for playback (this has been tested many times already). Are there any settings I need to change in order for the software to detect NTSC? Should I acquire a NTSC dongle? Thanks a lot.
  8. I am puzzled by the warning that appears before burning a DVD. All of my clips are NTSC! Thank you.
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