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Found 6 results

  1. I have used Toast for a long time, including versions 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, and now 17. One of its most useful features for me, that I use frequently, is Utilities->Compare, to verify that various backup copies or moves of folders are in fact duplicates and not corrupted or missing files. Every version of Toast, or at least the Intel-native versions 8, 11, and the newest 17, have an incompatibility with MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Under MacOS 10.14 Mojave, Toast shows the red Forbidden icon when trying to navigate into a Time Machine backup folder, whether using the standard "open" dialog box or dragging folders to the Compare window, so files there can't be read or compared. This problem didn't happen under previous MacOS versions, and other applications such as Finder and BBEdit under Mojave can read files in the Time Machine backup folder just fine, and without needing to ask for permissions. Mojave clearly does something subtly different with Time Machine file permissions, either intentionally or as a bug, and Toast needs an update to accommodate it. I upgraded to Toast 17 today partly thinking that it may fix the issue that version 11 had, but it didn't. Do you know what's going on here? Thank you in advance for a quick fix, or documented workaround.
  2. Normally, Roxio Secure Burn automatically opens an icon on the desktop when a disc is inserted in the computer My Roxio program stopped opening the icon automatically. I would like to learn how to restore the normal process.
  3. I got a new computer using windows 8.1. I had been using photosuite III previously on windows vista and before that on windows me. I have numerous pzp files. Is there any way to install photosuite on a windows 8.1 system? If not, is there another program that will let me view and edit the pzp files?
  4. Hi all, just wondered if anyone has seen this issue before. I can load videowave OK, but if I try to do ANYTHING that involves opening a file dialogue biox it crashes. For example, when the opening dialogue allows me to start a new project - thats OK - but if I try to open an existing one - crash. If I start a new project and then try to use the folder tree view in media selector - crash. If I try to save the project - crash. If I try to export anything - crash. In fact absolutely anything that requires access to the windows file structure - crash. By Crash I mean, a Videowave dialogue pops up saying "VideoWave has stopped working" as the attached immage shows. However, I discovered if I log in to the same computer as a different user - all works fine. So, it must ne something related to the user profile - but I cant find a clue as to what. I have tried repairing, uninstalling, reinstalling, checking registry keys for maybe a corrupt last used path etc but nothing fixes the issue. A should add that I have no problem with any other software on the PC. Basically, I can now only use VW by logging on as a different user or using the Win7 "Switch user" feature to log on. Any clues or ideas woyld be appreciated as whilst not a show stopper this is a PITA. Thanks in advance. Ian PC Spec: Dell M4700, Intel i5 CPU, 8Gb RAM, Win7 64b (SP1), Nvidia Quadra K2000M Running: Creator NXT Pro (Build 140B36A)
  5. I have purchaced my roxio hd pro about a week ago and ive been trying to figure out why i the capture software will not even open and the editing software will open but then it will stop working as soon as i hit "ok". below i have attached my logs for installing and all of that. i have met the requirements in my computer specs by far so that is absolutely not the problem in this case, i would like to just be able to use this recording device without buying a whole new laptop.. 13-01-31 13-20.zip
  6. I got the hd pro software installed fine and after I reboot my laptop like it says the software wont open, when I double click the icon the windows vista loading icon appears for a split second and thats it, it wont go further than that. I un-installed it and re-installed it 3 times but it's still the same how do I fix this? The specs of my laptop are Dell Inspiron 1520 with vista home premium 32 bit sp2. Intel core2 duo @ 2.00GHz, 3.0Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT. I've been waiting over 2 weeks for this to deliver as I live in Ireland and it wont open on my laptop. The capture card itself is recognized by my laptop so I don't think there's any problems there. I just can't open the software. I've heard about just getting a white screen and green screen but I don't get anything, can anybody help with this please?
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