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Found 13 results

  1. I am running Roxio Creator NXT Pro5 on Windows 7. When I take pictures on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and download them to my PC, I cannot open them in Roxio PhotoSuite. In the PhotoSuite Open window, those pictures show up like a document with a red circle and red line through the circle. I cannot select them to edit. Any ideas?
  2. Roxio Creator NXT Pro 5 pgm -Photosuite crashes when I click open file or when I click save file. I updated with patch #1 build #180B46I and it still crashes.
  3. As previously reported for NXT2 here http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/91907-upgraded-to-nxt2-unable-to-open-dmsp-files-created-with-nxt/page__gopid__496694?do=findComment&comment=496694 If you try to open a PhotoSuite dmsp file created in NXT or earlier with NXT3 the program crashes saying "Photosuite has stopped working".
  4. I have seen a couple of posts alluding to a similar issue, but nothing that appears to acknowledge or address my specific issue. I have been using Photosuite in Creator 2011 Pro for a couple of years to edit jpg photos from my digital camera. Today, I noticed that the saved jpg file size, after editing, was only about 20% of that of the original picture. I checked the resolution and picture size settings in the "save as" options and they are as they always have been. The "Tools/Options" settings are also set normally. I have never intentionally changed any of these settings anyway. I even reloaded the original image and saved it without any editing, and the saved file size ended up at least 75% smaller than before. I repeated this with several other images with the same result. Just to check my sanity, I looked back at some previously edited images from the same camera and found that the original and edited jpg image files were pretty much the same size back then. So, question is, does anybody know what is going on or what I might have inadvertently done to change this? I assume that the reduced file size must mean some loss in quality somewhere although the picture properties still show the same pixel count, size, dpi, colour depth - in fact everything looks identical. Completely mystified and would really appreciate any enlightenment. Thanks
  5. Hello Hope someone can help My computer broke down, and now a have a new with windows 8.1. I wanted to install roxio creator 2010 but I've lost my back up disk. Instead I tried to install Roxio PhotoSuite 7 Platinum (from 2006) - and guess what......it WORKED. It didn't work on Windows Vista or Windows 7 - but I'm very happy because I loved the templates for cards and calenders and fonts of which many didn't came with creator 2010. But I still want the creator 2010 or upgrade to NXT2 - but when I read about how to upgrade, it says that it automatically uninstalls the program I'm upgrading from - and now I'm asking if anyone knows if I can have both programs (PhotoSuite and NXT2) installed at the same time? And does anynone know if It is possible to install the Creator 2010 though I have missed my back up disk. I'm only interessed in the part with photos - does anyone know if the NXT2 is better or worse than Creator, when it comes to photo. Many questions - but hope someone can help :-) Best regards Kirsten
  6. I have been using Roxio Creator Special Edition 2010 for a couple years now and love it. Recently when I try to open it to edit photos it won't start or do anything. I can Open Roxio to the main program page but when I click Edit photo or if I right click on a photo and click open with Photosuit, NOTHING HAPPENS, please help! I am so frustrated. I tried repairing with disk, I uninstalled then reinstalled, and still nothing seems to work. There is no error message, just nothing happens at all.
  7. Photo suite crashes when I try to load a project created with NXT Pro.. Any ideas? Rob
  8. I recently purchased a Photosuite version 4 program on ebay. I had one..had to do a PC recovery and did not have the original CD. The guy on ebay told me it would not work on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit....but it has in the past and this new one does. PROBLEM...whenever I open the program, the REGISTER product page comes up. When I click to register it says there is no email. How do I stop that Register page from coming up every time I open the program? Thanks. tsarc@aol.com
  9. How do I make a new canvas transparent in Photosuite? This was a simple task in Photosuite 4, but that program quit working earlier this month with a Windows update, and I'm having a hard time with the learning curve with this newer version. Photosuite 4 also had a transparent flood-fill that I can't seen to find. The only transparency adjustment I've found in Photosuite 2011 makes the entire image go away, not just the selected color. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  10. I am trying to print a card I created from the templates supplie with Roxio creator 2011 plus. I have up dated the software to SP1. I am using Photosutie to load and edit the card. After making the modification I wanted I saved the card and tried to print it, the program "acted" like it was printing. ie: dialog box displayed to tell me to turn paper over etc. but nothing prinrted. My computer is an ASUS CM 6730, I5, 6GB Ram, 1TB HDD, running Windows 7 64 bit with all current updates. Printer: Lexmark ProspectPro 205 running wireless network. All driver and firmware updates are current. All other applications (Word, Excel, IE9, Adobe reader) print with no problems. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  11. My Roxio NXT Photosuite creates a photo, but when I save it before I close it, part of the image has reverted back and I have to redo it and it still will not save. What is wrong that causes this? This is the only program where save, doesn't really save. I run this on my windows 7 quad core intel 16gB memory, 1Tb disc space.
  12. I can no longer edit photos using my photosuite software (Creator 11). I get the error message: Stirngref: PsApp.noItemInDocList whenever I try to open Photosuite. Pleaes help!
  13. I seem to be having a problem with getting a .jpg file to open up in PhotoSuite. I scanned a 4X6 photo with my Epson 845 AIO using the EpsonScan sw at 4800dpi and a jpg compression level of 1. This results in a jpg file of 18588X28276 pixels and 217MB in size. There is sufficient RAM in the system (8GB) to accomplish the file open and PhotoSuite does appear to open the file and shows one file open but the image displayed onscreen is nothing but whitespace, no image. I need to know how to correct this so I can work on the file.
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