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Found 11 results

  1. I got the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for Christmas and it always lags. I Have it hooked up correctly with HDMI Cables but in the window screen when I am recording it lags. For example when I move the stick on my Xbox controller to hover over something it takes about 2 seconds for it to do that on the capture screen. Help?
  2. I have gotten a new computer because my old one's hard drive had broken, and i wanted to reinstall my roxio program to start recording gameplay again but i've lost my disk and its sleeve but my game capture card is registered on my profile. is there somewhere i can go to download the program again?
  3. I just brought my RGC (HD) and installed the software, hooked it up and updated the software but for some reason the capturing software says NO SIGNAL in green and red. It also turns the preview screen blue. I've already tried to repair it, update it, restart my pc, change the resolution settings on my Xbox and on my Roxio. I've also tried to change my TV settings but still no signal on both my TV or preview screen. I'm also positive that I have the wires hooked up right, two HD cords in and out and my usb cord. PLEASE HELP
  4. Ok, so here's my problem when i launch the roxio program to record and stream the software works just fine but i turn my tv to the HDMI input where my xbox is but my tv says the Roxio device is "Not supported". I have tried to unplug the roxio and from the tv and xbox and do a normal setup and it works, but I want to use my roxio to record gameplay. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN What TV I Use: 32" Vizo HdTV I also use the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO
  5. Hello, I purchased a Roxio Gamecap HD Pro but unfortunately I don't have a CD drive on my computer. I do, however, have proof of purchase because I already registered my product. I would greatly appreciate it if a guru could send me a download link for the software. Thanks! Ray P.S. This image has the CD key edited out.
  6. To my issue I feel it is appropriate to give a little back-story so; I am currently having some issues trying to re-install the program after uninstalling due to an issue with the capture software. I only resorted to uninstalling as the repair software always got interupted and immediately completed. Which it hadn't. Now it is fully uninstalled, all files temp. files etc... everything to do with roxio, Deleted. At the moment i am seeking help from microsoft due to an update which will not install, it is unlikely this is the issue to the main problem. My main problem now is; When attempting to install, i go through all of the set-up, CD key entered correctly, search updates. Etc... When trying to install however, it reaches installing Microsoft.Net 3.5 SP1, and says preparing to roll back. Litterally every time. I have looked on my laptop and nowhere is there any files for .Net 3.5 SP1, There is and installed .Net 3.5, this is the part it gets stuck on. Icontacted microsoft also for this. They suggested to manually install it, I donwloaded the file with no issues. However when i run the file, the box to confirm install/allow the program to run. I click yes. On one day i left this for 6 hours and 35 minutes. Still no installer or anything, just my desktop screen. I have tried various solutions. Such as; Uninstall .Net 3.5/all versions. And re-installing = Didn't work Copy all files from disk to HDD = All copied still produces same issue, So i believe i can rule out the cd-rom being the issue. and many more, after trauling through various forums and support. Even contacing roxio. (Contacting roxio proved no use, as my product is over the 14 day support, and i do not wish to pay for support on an issue as to this. Could anyone provide any help to anyone of the issues? It would be a great help, as this is making me annoyed as i cant make a thing! I have decided if this whole ordeal is over, either outcome... I am getting a proper PC, hauppauge hdpvr and a blue yeti. The hauppauge, as it is superior to my bad little GameCap, in EVERY way. But seriously. Any help is welcomed hugely.
  7. I ordered Roxio Game Capture (I don't know if its HD or not, but I think its the normal game cap), and it did not come with a disk. I bought it off of amazon, and when it showed up, there was no disk. All there was, was some wires and a game capture. Please help me.
  8. I have a Roxio game capture HD Pro. When i plug it into my 32inch Flat screen Tv and to my Xbox 360 it says -"Resolution not supported,change resolution on external device"-........ My software on my Pc also says in RED -No signal- The USB is plugged into my pc and both HDMI cables are plugged in between my Tv and Xbox 360.... I also saw the Roxio game capture HD pro listed under my device manager...... Please help me to resolve this issue...Maybe it's my Tv size or something?
  9. stoodge54


    I have an Acer Aspire V5 laptop with Windows Store. Its says that I could download the desktop app for my laptop. I have to go to the supporters site. All it shows is that I have to buy the device which I already have. The laptop I have has no CD port for it. The only way to get the software is downloading the desktop app. Can anyone tell me what I missed or something to download the desktop app.
  10. please help me! I have tried everything, from making sure it's all setup, ( it is ) too going into Display settings on my xbox 360 and making it 1080i ! Me and my friend Hunter have made a YouTube Channel ( KnightsOfWarden ) want want too make Minecraft XB0X 360 EDITION videos, BUT WE CAN'T !
  11. Hello. I've had my roxio game capture HD pro for a few months and only occured slight problems. I've been using the device on the same computer, same tv, and same everything for the past month, and it's been working. However I encountered a problem. A couple days ago I went along my same business but when Ion the xbox turned plugged in Roxio's USB, the capture device lit up, but there was no input.... I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software, and reparing, but to no avail. The USB also didn't appear in the device manager. Any help would be GREAT. Thanks, Apache
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