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Found 20 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to reinstall my Gamecap Pro HD to my desktop. It has been approximately two years since I have used this product. I currently have two problem's that I need help on. 1. I lost my CD Key, and was able to retrieve the key through my account when I registered the first time. I still have the CD and when I am prompted during installation to provide the CD Key it says that it is invalid. I thought that this could be due to it not being the most updated version of the software. This leads me to my second problem. 2. I downloaded the Service Pack 2.0 off the Software Updates section of the Roxio website and then when prompted to download Service Pack 2.1 I get this error which is attached. Any help on either of these issues would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  2. I found my product key for "VHS to DVD3" on the disk jacket and continue to get the message "Product Key is not Activated" and "Your Product Key could not be validated. Please try again." What is the problem with this software? Now I see online all the problems with activating the software and wished that I read those first before purchasing the software. Do I really need to return to Best Buy to make it work? What a waste of my time!
  3. When I type in my Product Key that is printed on the jacket it is not accepted.
  4. Hello why am I keep getting this message your key has entered too many times. you have to under stand that when some thing goes wrong with the computer I have to reinstall every thing back to it. My key xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is not working please help. Thank you.
  5. Yesterday I bought Creator nxt3 online. I started downloading and put in the product code. The code was accepted but the installation failed. I tried downloading again to install but when I put the product code in it said product code can not be verified. I have a project I need to finish and would like to get the program working. I sent an email through support but did not get a response. Does anyone have a phone number or solution for me. I really appreciate it.
  6. Hello, I bought Roxio VHS to DVD 3 today from a retail store. The Product Key would not activate the product. Windows 8.1--desktop mode Please help. Jay
  7. I just purchased Roxio EASY VHS to DVD3 from Best Buy Entered my product key and says, Invalid. I re-entered 3 times , no luck Any ideas?
  8. Hello, I am asking if there is a way to be able to get hold of a new product key as I have managed to loose mine, thank you for your time
  9. i had bought the roxio creator nxt 2 and since i have bought it i have gotten the product key worked and after installing my pc had crashed and had to reinstall and now my product key keeps saying been used to many times and when i e-mail roxio keep geeting message back stating roxio store can not help with technical issue's and when i call they give me the same address to get help and it keeps doing the same thing so how do i get this fixed or do i just look at this as a loss and go to another programe
  10. Toast 12 seems to run with Yosemite, however, I'm having a problem. When I enter the product key all works well. After a few days of non use and a restarting of Toast the product key must be re-entered. What am I missing?
  11. Hello, my product key is not working. I reformat my C drive and reinstall creator nxt 2 and insert my product key and got this massage, your product key could not be validated. What can I do to get this fix. thank you
  12. Okay So I am back LoL and I have a new issue that had begun after re-installing the video editing software. The issue is irritating and hard to explain so bear with me on this but whenever I launch the Video Capture screen and try to capture gameplay it only loads up 2 seconds even though I captured for a good 8 minutes plus when I launch the capture window the preview screen has these rainbow colored bars that run across the screen they look like the ones that would be for an emergency broadcast if you know what I'm talking about..? So any help to get this issue solved would be very much appreciated. (Issue source THEORY: Maybe the Software I re-installed was corrupted? or something?)
  13. I bought your easy CD & DVD burning product from Office Depot. I cannot install it, it tells me I have an invalid key. I have registered the product and it still does not work. Please send me a fix to this problem. I have wasted a lot of time on you product and am not happy.
  14. How many times can I use my Product Key? Product Name: Toast 11 Titanium - ESD Qty Ordered: 1 Amount: $99.99
  15. I bought my Roxio HD Pro off EBay and it did have the key as it was never used. I put it in my computer and it worked just fine. But just recently I have restored my computer and when i went to re-install the Roxio HD Pro software I noticed I must have lost the product key. I cna post pictures and give product serial numbers to prove I have the device. I Just want to get a new key so I can get this back on my computer. Thanks
  16. I just bough the easy cd & dvd burning disc from Office Depot. However, as I am getting through the installation, I get an error with the activation key. I have tried several times, even changing the zero to an o, just to see. I have registered my product, and have not gotten a support code even in my registration confirmation. I haven't been able to call. I am a very frustrated customer!! You do not make this an EASY process! How do I get going on this software?
  17. I purchased Easy VHS to DVD 3 a couple of weeks ago. I just tried to install the software and during setup comes up: Product key could not be validated. Please try again. What can I do to fix this?
  18. I have just purchased Roxio Creator 2012 Pro No problem installing using product key. When I open the program and prompted to Register it I get message Detected problem with product Key while processing, Contact Customer Support. Anyone have a solution for this problem?
  19. I am trying to install Creator 2010 Plus on W7 64 bit. I have installed this software before on a different computer, but I've long since UNinstalled it on that PC. I bought this software. I have the product key from the inside of the box. It keeps saying that the key I'm typing in is invalid. I've tried and tried. I've got it right, but it won't accept it. It's a 17 digit key. All letters are caps. Again, I'm typing it in correctly. I would appreciate any help.
  20. I've searched through quiet a few pages of the forums looking for this so sorry if it is a re-post but i found none on here in my searches. I've been on the phone and email contact with customer support for roughly 3-4 hours on and off today for this issue. Yes my PC exceeds the requirements for the operating system i have plenty of free space and all that. The issue i'm having is upon install once i go to enter my product key it says its invalid, at first i thought maybe this was the wrong key, but upon contacting the support line the assured me i was using the right one. So after this i tried and re-tried even flipping numbers/letters that may have been wrong or looked diff to me just cause of the font type. But to no avail it still wont accept my cd key# I'm seriously starting to regret purchasing this device if it won't even accept the cd key they send with the product. .
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