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  1. I have a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, which I have used to capture Gamplay of my Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. I recently went capture footage on my new PS4, only to run into some problems. When I first went to capture footage, I noticed that the software was showing the image flickering in and out. I did some research and found out I needed to disable HDCP. When disabled, the software see's the PS4's image without any flickering, however my Game Capture HD Pro still isn't outputting a signal to my TV, or if it is, all I see is a black screen. As a side note, I am running the latest version of the included software, and tested to verify the Game Capture HD Pro still outputs to my TV with my other consoles. I also tried swapping out HDMI cables, and still no success. Is there anything special I need to do in order to have the signal also be output to my TV? Thanks for any help
  2. I purchased a RGC Pro for my son for Chirstmas. When I intially set it up, I was able to successfully capture the Xbox One. Now when trying to capture the Xbox or the PS4, I get either a blank screen on both the laptop and the TV or a No signal detected on the TV, despite hearing the sounds. Specifically, I have video and audio right up until I actually start the capture part of the software and then use video. If I then shut down the capture program I get video back on the TV. I have reinstalled the software as described in other posts. Additionally, as seen in the screen shot the RGC shows up in the sound, video, and game controllers and there are no devices listed under other. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. All connections are HDMI besides the USB to the laptop. Interestingly, when I went to delete some icons I got an Admin prompt (his is a limited account) and after closing the prompt I got video on both the TV and the software for a second or two.
  3. Hi there, Recently got my hands on a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for my PS4. However, even though I disabled HCDP on my PS4, I'm still not getting any signal to my Capture program. Both of my HDMI cables are fine and in the correct position, I've updated to 2.1, the Roxio is lit up, the device is plugged in, but the program doesn't go past "No Signal." I noticed that the Roxio doesn't show up in my computer's devices. Would that mean something? Any suggestions to fix this?
  4. Hello, I try to capture my PS4 but i have a problem: When i run roxio game capture hd pro program and i clik on capture, capture window appears and directly "not responding". I have a Roxio game capture HD Pro (recent). I have disabled HDCP in my PS4 but it's don't work anyway. On TV there are image and sound. I plugged the HDMI cable to the console in the roxio (input side) and another HDMI cable is connected to the TV (output side) and of course the usb to my PC. On PS4 the resolution is 1080p. I try with 1080i but the problem is the same. On more thing, if i run roxio game capture hd pro program without anything connected to my pc, the window appears normally. Of course there is written "no signal" and the capture area is empty but the program work, the windows is not "not responding". Any idea ??? Sorry for my english it's not my default language
  5. I have the Roxio Game Cap HD Pro and also have the Turtle Beach 500p Wireless headset. I have always had problems trying to find a way to record In Game Chat / Party chat, In game volume and my voice on the PS4 well today I have a solution which requires no extra purchases ( depending if you have a microphone for the PC ) This DOES work within the Roxio Game Cap application or OBS. Hope this helps guys I was searching the internet for months trying to find a fix for using USB Headsets and the Roxio card and being able to record all the necessary sounds so I hope this helps.
  6. hello, new to the forum and having trouble. i got the roxio game capture pro hd for my ps4 so i could bypass some of the blocked scenes in certain video games. however i would also like to recod my voice too, so i looked at this video from team DUV's gaming and i thought i had it down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5Ozbq-a6EM&list=LLWE98e2lRaombVhO-5jToWQ&index=1 so i got the turtle beach rca tap and instead of a turtle beach headset, i have a logitech G430. the only thing i am now having trouble with is the 3.5 stereo adapter to send a feed to the roxio through the tap. i already bought three different cable that failed me due to lack of description and my knowledge {iam more of a video guy instead of a sound guy at work}. one was a spitter with both mic and headset {the headset part worked}, a cell phone 2.5 male to 3.5 female {at the time i thought it was the reverse}, and a turtle beach 3.5 male to 2.5 female stereo cord {thinking that the tap would work with its own cables}. so now iam thinking of getting a 3.5 m/f stereo cord but i just want to know some opinions on this if iam just wasting my time on this or that iam on the right track with the wrong equipment.
  7. I was trying to setup my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD, and the software is getting the signal, but the TV is not. I've tried new cables, what's going on?
  8. When I purchased the capture card a couple months ago, I ran into no problems whatsoever. Then about a month ago, I got a good amount of blue screens when I tried recording game play on my PS4. So i decided to refresh my PC, since I imagined it may work. Sure enough, it did! But recently I've been having the same problem again. I tried repairing it, but it didn't work. I refreshed my PC multiple times with no success. The problems I run into are: blue screens, black TV screen, and pop ups stating "Capture Card Lost." I've also noticed that when I record PC games instead of the PS4, i don't run into blue screens. It's probably just luck that I didn't, but can the problem possibly be my PS4? Roxio Game Capture? PC?
  9. So since the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro doesn't come with the extra HDMI cables needed, i went ahead and ordered 2 Pearlstone 10' Ultra thin HDMI cables. I went to test the HD Pro on my PS4 first, and my TV was blank once i plugged one of the Pearlstone HDMI cables from the output into the TV. I tried this with the X1 as well, and still nothing being read/blank screen. I originally bought the 2 HDMI cables for the 360, since my console only had component wires. (I still haven't tested out the 360) So since I want to be able to record gameplay from all my consoles, is there specific HDMI cables I should buy for the newer generation of consoles? I was really looking forward to making some videos over the summer.
  10. My Game Capture HD Pro has worked fine for two years with the Component on my PS3. But I have wanted to record on my PS4 and when I do, the screen fails to intact. It continously rotates between the game screen, a black screen and a blue screen and always goes from Ready to No Signal and back again. Why is this happening with the HDMI and not the Component?
  11. Hey guys! Please help! I started recording PS4 game plays and the first time I recorded was good, there was no issue, the video and sound were both perfect!, then the next time I hooked up the recorder to the PS4, I could record but there is NO SOUND! Both in my TV and the recorded footage there is no sound. I tried many ways, but no sound at all, it was working before, and just suddenly it's acting like this! PLEASE HELP!
  12. Hi there, I am having an EXTREMELY hard time with my new Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. Let me 1st tell you a little bit about my setup. I have a 65" LG 3D TV (Not relevant) and a 7.2 surround sound setup run from an ONKYO NR-470. My issue is I tried running my PS4 to my amplifier, and tried to tie in the Roxio from the HDMI out to the tv. I get perfect video; however, 0 audio. I then tried placing the Roxio between the AMP and PS4, meaning now the cable runs from my PS4, to the Roxio, then from the Roxio to the amp. I am able to get the sound to my PC this way; however, the Roxio is downgrading all sound via the HDMI out as 2.0 channel sound, which is not acceptable from a 5.1/7.2 audio source. My questions are a mix bag but I will try to explain them. Can the Roxio HD Pro output more than 2.0 channel audio via the HDMI out port? Why can the Roxio only collect audio from the PS4 directly and not through an amp? (Tried amp output in PCM and Bit Stream to insure it was not an audio trans-coding issue) My TV accepts audio via the HDMI out port on the amp so I know it is no fault of the audio equipment. I was very exciting to receive this product in the mail and now I am extremely disappointed. What is worse is the authorized reseller I purchased this from went out of business last Saturday morning so I cannot return it for the same product or one from the competitor (Futureshop). I have already invested so much money in an extra monitors, a condenser microphone, and a good set of headphones so my daughter and I can start a youtube channel together. I hope you can help.
  13. I recently tried using my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD on my PS4 however I can not get the sound to work. The video works no problem in terms of audio, I get no sound coming from either my tv or my laptop, which is what I connect my Game Capture to. I set the audio to HDMI and turned off HDCP and I still can't get it to work. I also updatd my software and nothing has changed. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Has anyone else had this issue before? Any help would be greatl appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.
  14. I have my ps4 hdmi cable plugged into the input side of the HD Pro and the hdmi from the TV plugged into the output side. However when I plug the USB in and open the recording software my TV says no signal and the recording software shows a red no signal. I have my PS4 on 1080p and I have HDCP disabled and my TV is a LG 32 inch 1080p TV. What do I do to get it working? Also I have used the HD Pro for my Ps3 with component cables all year but it won't work for the PS4 with HDMI. What to do? My playstation has 2.03 update too.
  15. Hi. So I recorded my PS4 Farcry 4 last night using some pretty good hdmi cables. I noticed that once I started recording, that there were sporadic video pixel glitches showing up in the preview. Thought nothing of it. But I went to my video folder to look at it and the glitches are there! Audio is perfectly fine tho. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to change some settings? If so, to what? Plz, if there is a solution, show me. I record stuff for my channel. I also have the HDCP disabled. Otherwise it wont record. Thx for the help in advance!
  16. Hi! My problem is- i connect rgc hd pro with my ps4 (HDCP disabled) and my resolution set up automatically to 480p and there's no sound. I try do everything and the problem still exist. I have no idea what to do...when i set 1080i in my ps4 resolution is fine but still no sound and i don't know what's going on, it's look like enabled hdcp but as i say it's disabled. ps,, sorry for my english
  17. Hey Hey Kids! Now I am trying to capture PS4 Video putting aside my issues with the HIGH compsumption of MBs/GBs when capturing small gameplay footage, when I go and play the MTs (or if it actually works the high gb mp4 file) it is choppy, glitchy and skipping, I I have know Idea what the go is, My PS4 display is set to 720 and I capture in 720 and I use sony Vegas at 720 but it is crap.... PS3 Captures are fine and dandy (aside the point that again high capacity GBs files for short game play) but the PS4 it's shocking!
  18. Hey, first post! I'm having an issue with my Roxio Game Capture when I try to stream with my PS4. I set it up and in the first moment everything looks like it's gonna be great and it's connected when out of nowhere it switches to component cables and the screen in the program turns blue and it tells me "no signal." It even jumps back and forth from HDMI to component so it shows me what's playing on my PS4 for a moment before jumping back to the blue screen again. Sometimes it still says it's still on HDMI but still switches back and forth rapidly from "ready" to "no signal" Random info that may prove useful: I am 99% sure that I have everything connected properly. I've done loads of streams before, but have never attempted it with my PS4 until today. I am using HDMI cables, not component cables. My laptop is surprisingly heavy duty and has little to no problem streaming before. It's never gotten overheated or anything like that either. I have tried different HDMI cords to make sure they're not the problem. Thank you for any help!!!
  19. Hi guys, I'm having some issues capturing PS4 video. The output volume is very low. Whenever I'm working in Windows I can barely hear the Roxio capture but my Windows volume is extremely loud! The difference between the two is huge! Is there a way to fix this? Setup: PS4 - HDMI - Roxio cap - HDMI - TV | | | USB PC Cheers, Eduard
  20. Hello, I am having a few problems setting up my PS4 to record in 1080P while utilizing my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I have the newest PS4 firmware installed, have my HDCP turned off, and I'm not using an external device of any kind in conjunction with using the HD Pro. From reading I understanding that recording 1080P with the HD Pro is limited to 30FPS, but I can't seem to find any settings pertaining to that when I have the default capture program open. The only settings I see for recording are 1080i, 720P, 480P. I also have the latest update for the capture program, the default one that is included with the HD Pro, so I don't know if I'm missing an option or if the info I was previously is simply wrong. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated, and let me know if it would help to view screencaps of my system to better provide help tips.
  21. Hello! I have trouble getting image on my Benq monitor. Setup is: From monitor to RGC: DVI to HDMI into the output of RGC From RGC to PS4: HDMI to HDMI from input of RGC I get image to the capturing software (HDCP disabled on PS4), but the image doesn't show up on my monitor screen. It works just fine on my old screen where there is a HDMI input, but not with my new monitor without HDMI input. Monitor is Benq Senseye 3 (Benq 27" GW2760 VA LED)
  22. So i just bought an game cap hd pro. I hooked it up properly to my ps4 with hdmi cables, even turning off the hdcp thing. Firstly I get no audi through my TV or my recordings. The picture is perfect just no gameplay sound. Is there settings that i am missing on my ps4 or something? It should also be noted that after that i tried reconnecting my ps4 to my roxio and tv and it changed my ps4 to only display 480p.But i can fix that.
  23. I'm using the gamecap pro with my PS4, you can turn HDPC off on the PS4 so you can record with HDMI I have got the input as a HDMI and the output as a HDMI, I record my voice on my laptop as I record the gameplay What I want to do is have HDMI input and have the video output through the HDMI but the audio output through the audio output component, so I can use a headset Any advice??? Thanks
  24. Hi guys, Sony has already released an update for PS4. The system update 1.70 patch has capabilities of disabling HDCP for PS4, so capturing HD content using capture programs will now be possible. No more "Signal Protected" issues for PS4. Articles: http://www.gamespot....p/1100-6419203/ http://www.ign.com/a...d-turn-hdcp-off So basically, PS4 is now compatible with RGC HD Pro & RGC.
  25. 1-I bought Roxio GameCap HD Pro from Amazon. When I start capturing, it is "gliching" and i cant capture any video because of it. 2-When I plugged out the roxio, resolution was 720p, but when i plugged in the resolution decreases to 480p. I can't change the resolution because PS doesn't allow it. I tried a lot of solutions, repair the program, change TV, change PC but all without success. What can I do? PC: i7 4770K ASUS ROG ARES II (ARES2-6GD5)( x2 7970) ASUS P8Z77 Deluxe Corsair 400R Corsair CX750 8 GB Corsair XMS3 2x4 RAM Second PC: i7 870 HD 6790 6GB RAM Sorry for my bad, #$%\$ english
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