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Found 8 results

  1. First thing i want to say, nothing on me pc can find the Xbox that is projected on me screen, i can see it with my eyes, but if i use obs Windows capture i only see purple same with a screenshot like this http://prntscr.com/614g61 Can someone help me pls?, i bought it for streaming with obs.. but Even Cam capture with the Roxio i get the 6 colors, and windows or monitor capture it only shows if i have obs on hit, so its transparant like that.. i want to record it and show you so you will understand better but ya... in recordings you only see purple...

    Purple Screen Help

    Hello, I have a Roxio GameCap HD Pro that I got for Christmas. I understand that many people were having a problem using the software on Windows 8 but so far to my knowledge I under stand that the Windows 8 problems were fixed and I was using the product with great results and no problems at first. I am using an Xbox 360, I am setup using HDMI cables, and I have a Gateway Laptop running Windows 8. This is not the problem since it was working with this setup. My problem is a blank, purple preview window using the recording software. Like I said above the software was working and has now stopped. I can record videos still but I have no preview so I don't know if everything is the way I want it or if I need to adjust anything like the quality or the brightness. I still hear game sound coming from the software just no video preview. When this problem first occurred I noticed that my input changed from HDMI to component and when I set it back to HDMI it was working until I pressed Start Capture. After that it kept happening so I changed the input from HDMI to component and back to HDMI and that worked for a little while but now that doesn't even work. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software but that did nothing. Does anyone have a solution? If anyone needs any other information that I did not already provide please say so and I will fill you in on the missing details.
  3. Brandon Voges

    Purple Screen Problem

    disappointed with the help on this discussion plus the support isn't even worth trying still have a purple screen problem with my roxio game capture card for Xbox 360 not hd and problem still not solved
  4. Brandon Voges

    Purple Screen Problem

    I get a purple screen every time i try to use my capture card and no its not HD
  5. Brandon Voges

    Need Help

    i just got my roxio capture card not HD it worked for a day or 2 and now when ever i go to capture and its a purple screen it still plays that sound but on the computer its purple plz help
  6. LazereyeHD

    Help Asap Please

    Help please i have been recording with the roxio hd pro and now when i got to livestream the preveiw screen is purple PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  7. Gaming With Jupiter

    Purple Screen In Monitor

    I just bought my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I was stoked to get it so I installed it all. even on a brand new windows 8 OS. It worked fine for about half an hour. But now I have a purple screen in my monitor where you would normally see the gameplay. It still streams fine and records. But I find it kind of irritating that I can't see my gameplay being recorded. It works with a component connection but I want to record in 1080p. And so my setup is quite simple. I use 2 HDMI cables. and connect it straight to my laptop. Is there any solution to fix this? I have searched everywhere and it looks like NOBODY has mentioned it Also, here is a screenshot I took of it
  8. billybobthorton

    Purple Screen.

    I have been using the Roxio Game Capture HD pro for about two months now... it has been working (always have to re-install) but now for some reason there is a purple screen in the preview screen... when I hit the livestream button the purple screen shows the gameplay, so livestreaming works still. Capturing does too, just I still see a purple screen instead of gameplay. IT IS REALLY ANNOYING that I can't see my preview though since I can't adjust anything now!