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Found 9 results

  1. First thing i want to say, nothing on me pc can find the Xbox that is projected on me screen, i can see it with my eyes, but if i use obs Windows capture i only see purple same with a screenshot like this http://prntscr.com/614g61 Can someone help me pls?, i bought it for streaming with obs.. but Even Cam capture with the Roxio i get the 6 colors, and windows or monitor capture it only shows if i have obs on hit, so its transparant like that.. i want to record it and show you so you will understand better but ya... in recordings you only see purple...
  2. Hello, I have a Roxio GameCap HD Pro that I got for Christmas. I understand that many people were having a problem using the software on Windows 8 but so far to my knowledge I under stand that the Windows 8 problems were fixed and I was using the product with great results and no problems at first. I am using an Xbox 360, I am setup using HDMI cables, and I have a Gateway Laptop running Windows 8. This is not the problem since it was working with this setup. My problem is a blank, purple preview window using the recording software. Like I said above the software was working and has now stopped. I can record videos still but I have no preview so I don't know if everything is the way I want it or if I need to adjust anything like the quality or the brightness. I still hear game sound coming from the software just no video preview. When this problem first occurred I noticed that my input changed from HDMI to component and when I set it back to HDMI it was working until I pressed Start Capture. After that it kept happening so I changed the input from HDMI to component and back to HDMI and that worked for a little while but now that doesn't even work. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software but that did nothing. Does anyone have a solution? If anyone needs any other information that I did not already provide please say so and I will fill you in on the missing details.
  3. Hey hey there! I bought this capturecard after hearing so many good things about it and was highly satisfied with it. I hope someone can help me. SETUP I have the ROXIO HD GAMECAP setup via HDMI to my Xbox360 & my TV My devices/drivers look like the following; My Computer Specs; PROBLEM It was working perfectlly over the last couple of days, no issues what so ever, I could stream in 720p for over 3 hours & I could record the highest quality and everything was perfect. I woke up however this morning to find that it wasn't working and it kept crashing. I had miltiple problems which some of you kind people here were able to fix (Like the no signal problem etc) However I am left with one problem now. I can see my xbox perfectly on my Tv But when I go into the 'Capture' section on the software, I cannot see a preview of what I am recording (In this instance; an xbox 360) however I can hear it perfectly. Curious, I hit record and and it recorded just fine. I could see whatever I did on the xbox clearly dispite it not showing up on the preview. So again, curious I then went and tried 'live streaming' and again I could live stream no problem... again dispite the purple preview screen although after 20 minutes the program crashes and goes offline. Even though its still kinda working, its not funcioning as perfectly or as it should. I just dunno how as it was perfect the last few days. WHAT I HAVE TRIED I tried to run the disc repair feature which I thought would help however hasn't x3 I tried reattaching all the cables and running it again I tried disabling and enabling the driver Screenshoots ^ My Roxio Software Setup with Purple Screen (Notice the videos recorded fine at the bottom and the Signal says ready) At this point I can hear audio. ^ Showing that I am live streaming fine but with still no preview ^ Showing that the setup has now crashed after streaming for 20 mins
  4. disappointed with the help on this discussion plus the support isn't even worth trying still have a purple screen problem with my roxio game capture card for Xbox 360 not hd and problem still not solved
  5. I get a purple screen every time i try to use my capture card and no its not HD
  6. i just got my roxio capture card not HD it worked for a day or 2 and now when ever i go to capture and its a purple screen it still plays that sound but on the computer its purple plz help
  7. Help please i have been recording with the roxio hd pro and now when i got to livestream the preveiw screen is purple PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  8. I just bought my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I was stoked to get it so I installed it all. even on a brand new windows 8 OS. It worked fine for about half an hour. But now I have a purple screen in my monitor where you would normally see the gameplay. It still streams fine and records. But I find it kind of irritating that I can't see my gameplay being recorded. It works with a component connection but I want to record in 1080p. And so my setup is quite simple. I use 2 HDMI cables. and connect it straight to my laptop. Is there any solution to fix this? I have searched everywhere and it looks like NOBODY has mentioned it Also, here is a screenshot I took of it
  9. I have been using the Roxio Game Capture HD pro for about two months now... it has been working (always have to re-install) but now for some reason there is a purple screen in the preview screen... when I hit the livestream button the purple screen shows the gameplay, so livestreaming works still. Capturing does too, just I still see a purple screen instead of gameplay. IT IS REALLY ANNOYING that I can't see my preview though since I can't adjust anything now!
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