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Found 25 results

  1. While rendering video files, the program just suddenly stops working. There is no pattern to how far along the rendering is; it can be as little as 12% complete or 84% complete. It just stops working and the Task Manager indicates that the program is simply not responding. It's never done this before & I can't think of anything done recently that might have triggered it off. I have tried shutting down & restarting the computer but the problem persists. Ideas? (This was previously posted in a different area for the wrong product, and is being re-posted here).
  2. I have used Roxio Creator 2011 pro since it came out in 2011. I bought a new computer a year and half ago...but Roxio has worked on this one in the past. I currently have Windows 7 pro, XPS 8700, Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, and 64 bit operating system. I have Directx 11. (I also tried installing Directx 9c since I read in a few places that Roxio Creator works better with 9c.) I believe I installed it correctly. I have made many vacation videos on the Roxio Creator in the past. With the video clips, I have also added pictures with music and of course text and transitions. My current storyline looks awesome. I then clicked on "Export as", MPEG 2- for DVD Best Quality...and clicked on Create Video File. I have 7 pictures with music to start the storyboard and then the video clips are there. Every time I "create Video File" either nothing works or it stops the rendering in between the 7th picture and the start of the video. That occurs at the 28 second mark. The whole video will be 32:48.04. I have made longer videos in the past, but it just doesn't work with this one. This error message pops up "Could not create the renderer object. This might be caused by directx9.0 not being installed on or the display adapter not fully supporting DirectX 9.0." My storyboard is done, but I can't seem to create a video file. I am hoping someone would be able to help.
  3. What happens: - Capture seem to running just fine - When done, I click "stop capture" - Roxio Capture crashes - Two files are left, an m2ts and an mp4 (it's usually just an mp4 file after rendering) - First time I deleted the m2ts file as the others were mp4 - Now I find out that the mp4 file's audio is messed up (no sound, just buzzing all the way through - tested in videowave and premiere pro, media player rejects the file) - Video/images is fine and dandy from start to end - Happens when capturing from ps4 and randomly - happened with 54 min and an 1.h10min video Now I'm going to test 2nd software to try and recover the lost m2ts file - in the meantime, I hope there's someone out there who can tell me if I can save this!
  4. Someone please help, whenever I try to render my video from .m2ts to .mp4 so I can upload it to YouTube the render bar freezes at 19% finished. I'll come back five minutes later and nothings changed. I checked for updates and did the procedures, but no success. If anyone has a solution I'd be more then glad to hear it!
  5. So I was editing in videowave and en error popped up which made the preview blank and the play/fast forward, etc. controls stop working. If I try to edit anything it says "'Could not create the renderer object. This might be caused by DirectX 9.0 not being installed or the display adapter not fully supporting DirectX 9.0". and if I try to export the project it says "cannot render graph". I've tried copying it into a new production and it says there are unrecognizable video files. I've changed the rendering to software and downloaded directx 9 (I already had the latest version). I don't know anything about computers so if it's a complicated fix don't bother explaining. Also this could all be better if I could go back before my last save if anyone knows how to do that. Thanks.
  6. Recently, I've had trouble with rendering videos on NXT 2. After saving the video and beginning the rendering process, it freezes/stops at a certain point. The input is a wmv and the output is an mpeg4. Any solutions to this? Thanks, Erik
  7. i cant record on .mp4 with the new update? everytime i press ``Stop Capture´´ it appears a window that says ``rendering or waiting´´ (cant remember) with a green bar ( im using windows 7) thats supposed to start and finish, but it never fills up and the file gets automatically deleted. Yes, i can record at M2TS with no problems...
  8. when I try to export my video, the render window does not load at all, no matter how long I wait. there is no progress when loading, and no video quality will work. I didn't change any settings and I have successfully converted videos to high quality mp4s on my windows 8. is there something i'm missing?
  9. When I attempt to make my edited video into a movie choosing "all" as my choice for method of viewing, I get an error messsage as: "unable to build the render graph." If I choose "view on another PC" the render starts as I would expect it to, but about 30% to 40% into the render, it suddenly switches to the original unedited video and tries to render that. This would make an edited video (according to the rendering dialog box) that would be nearly two HOURS long. About 80% through everything stops. I have no idea about the settings in the "make video" dialog box that could solve this problem. HELP!.
  10. I can't seem to render my game play as "Same as Original" file in Videowave. It was working fine before, but I didn't do anything to make it unable to work! I normalize the audio, then nothing. It renders fine in other file types, like wmv files. So I tried to render it without normalizing the audio, and it gave me a "Unable to build render graph error." It worked fine before so I honestly have no idea what could be the problem. If anyone could help me, I'd be very grateful.
  11. I made a slide show in Videowave with pics and (HD) video. I've tried a couple different rendering formats and a few of them look great on Windows Medica Player. However, when I pull them into MyDVD, the DVDs are not as clear. For example - even if I render at SP quality which creates a 5 gig file, when I put it into MyDVD, it shrinks the file to 2 gigs and appears to reduce the quality. Are there any ways around this?
  12. Okay, so my display settings are 1080p on xbox, and my profile on the Roxio settings are 1080p. The kbps is 15000. When I render the video, ive rendered in AVC 1280x720 60p (when I upload it to yourube its gives me 360p) and the same thing for when I render its as "Same as original". then I change my profile to 720p and my xbox display settings to 720p. Same thing! Heres a youtube video I made about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9inAAux1Tow&feature=youtu.be PLEASE HELP!!
  13. The program from roxio "videowave" will not let me render. I use the good render setting called "same as original" On the preview it says "Enhanced for Intel inside core" than it freezes after it renders 2 frames. Please help! and when i try to upload it it just freezes and i've reinstalled it many times!
  14. I've had my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for a number on months and I've never had a problem with it at all, until recently. When I'm capturing video game footage, it seems to record it just fine. But when I enter the Edit & Share software and I export/render my video,for some reason its not exporting my video. Usually when I'm exporting it will display the game footage in the 'Preview' screen, but now all it is displaying is an 'Intel Core' image. Then once the video has apparently exporting I'm getting told that "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file". Up until today, the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro has workded perfectly, but now I'm stuck and I dont know how to fix it. If someone could help me fix this problem I would be very grateful. If it helps, below are some images of what I get when I export and then try and play the video afterwards:
  15. When I try to render a clip in the roxio videowave editing software if the file goes over about 200mb it will stop rendering and a message will pop up saying "out of memory." I have 95gb of free space so why is it doing this?
  16. I edited a video from the weekend and when i try to export it it will not RENDER gives me an error message ( unable to build the render graph )
  17. I just recently starting having an issue with my rendering process completely locking up my computer. Total lockup, where the cursor freezes, keyboard doesn't respond, screen completely locked. It happened while Skyping with my cousin, and I could still talk to and hear him, but absolutely nothing else was responsive. I had to hold the power button to shut down. This problem started when I tried to render a production. I have since troubleshooted it a bit and I think I have narrowed down the issue to rendering anything that requires the iPad (which I THINK is MPEG4) codec. DivX works fine, Windows Media format works fine, but if I try any of the iPad options or if I try to render to send straight to YouTube, it completely locks up. Here are my system specs: Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) Premium RAM: 8.00 GB CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2 GHz GPU: Powercolor AMD Radeon HD7750 1GB DDR3 I have done an uninstall/reinstall, I have done a repair from the disk, I have made sure all of my hardware drivers/software is updated, I am not running antivirus, I have allowed all exceptions through firewall, I have tried running as and not as administrator, I have done a memory diagnostic test, (which I don't completely trust as my computer has been blue screening randomly with PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and BAD_POOL_DATA errors for weeks even after replacing everything BUT the RAM, but that's a question for another forum), and I have both defragged the drives and cleaned the registry. It truly seems to be whatever particular codec does the encoding when you format it for iPad devices or YouTube. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I am capturing in Hd 1080i but once done with a video and go to render it out i can't seem to find an option that puts it like that. When i upload it to Youtube its in 240p. What render setting is the 1080i 720p?
  19. This 'software' has now ventured into unusable territory. For the past couple of weeks when I export a video, it makes the video play at 1/2x speed while the audio is played normally, and "squeezes" the picture to 4:3 even though the file is 1280x720. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  20. Hello I just made an account in here and well I will apologize in advance if anyone already posted the same issues i have. But I been watching people's "render settings" in youtube using video wave and their quality looks better than mine. I usually end up setting it as "Same quality" one or i got with the Ipad 720p option. The videos I see of people with their render settings have more options to choose from than what I got. Here is a screenshot http://gyazo.com/9111704a70dd96c699d55b8b433ddf5b below are the Window Media 9 options.. I seen some of them have like some blu ray option or more AVC options than what I got. Some i seen have a render settings with some divx stuff.. If this are downloaded settings or codecs could anyone link me to them or have a tutorial on how to install them? Also as for my other issue. When I have my ps3 ready to record on my preview screen you get alot of pixel stuff and it just looks like the image is blocky... like this. http://gyazo.com/b53b3242783cdc3da6b0eecbacb0e270 so if it shows up like that on the preview screen before i record it shows up on the recorded video also.. could it be my component cables? I am mostly concerned about the missing render options right now.. the blocky pixel stuff doesnt happen as often.
  21. So this thing has been working great but I've tried rendering this video 6 times already and each time they have no game sound. The game I was recording was Dead Space 3 in 1080i video is 39 minutes long. Anyways the only audio I hear after I Render it is my commentary and absolutely no Game sound from dead space. I cant figure it out can someone give me an easy solution.
  22. Hi there, I'm having a slight problem when it comes to rendering footage.. When I record some gameplay, the video that is saved looks pretty decent. The quality is pretty much the same as what I see on the TV. When I add the video to VideoWave to edit, it looks the same. Pretty good so far.. Once I'm done editing and render the footage, the video that is saved is really dark. This is my problem. I've tried different things to see if I can fix it, but I can't seem to figure it out. All I know is that it happens after I have rendered the footage. I've used the default settings, such as keeping the video file quality as "Same as original", and I've even changed that to HD to see if that helped. But nothing seems to work. This is a screenshot from VideoWave. And this is a screenshot of the video on YouTube, after it's been rendered. As you can see, everything has been plummeted into darkness! Does anyone know why this might be happening, or if there's something I can do to stop it? It's probably something simple, or a setting I need to adjust somewhere. I'm pretty new to all of this, as I only got my Roxio recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Hi, My roxio game cap hd pro which I got on friday. Wont render. I have rendered about 5-6 videos so far and now it wont even render 1 frame. It just sits there and does nothing. What should I do? :/
  24. What exactly does this do? Logically, the rendering is done via software running on the hardware, so what does this setting do? I would assume hardware would be the option you want if you have an amazing GPU, but doesn't the rendering get done on it anyways since the software (presumbly) uses the GPU? Or does it normally use the CPU, and the hardware setting uses the GPU? Are there any bugs or other info I should know relating to this?
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