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Found 8 results

  1. I am trying to burn an ISO disk and Roxio crashes within minutes of launch of the application. Even if I just launch the application, and do nothing it crashes within a few minutes. I don't even need to try to start the Disk burning process. Is there an update for Windows 10 64 bit?
  2. I have Roxio Photoshow 6.0 with a Premium Account and when I try to burn a DVD I get an error message: "There are no DVD or CD burners connected to your computer" Support wasn't able to come up with a fix. My DVD/CD Media,(Matshita DVD+-RW UJ8E2), works with all other programs such as writing Itunes to a CD; reading any DVD or CD; Playing movies; etc. There is no error in the Devices Menu. Deleted DVD/CD and restarted which reinstalled DVD/CD Media and still have the problem. All updates are current. I have an external drive and it won't recognize that either. I also have Roxio Creator 2012 which has Photoshow as one of it's features and I get the same error message with it. I am using a 3 year old Dell Laptop with Windows 8.1. I have no other problem on this laptop with any programs. I also have a 10 year old Hewlett Packard Desk Top computer with the same programs installed on it and it recognizes DVD/CD Media and will burn DVD's with with both programs. It has Windows 7 and being 10 years old is very slow. I prefer to use my newer laptop. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to fix it. Thanks Jim
  3. I had Roxio2012 on an older HP-WinXP-32 machine and rendering (MPEG-2 for DVD, best quality) always was about 'real-time' speed. I have now upgraded to Win7-64 on 2 other computers and the rendering to run very slow - 1-2 minute clips take about 10-15 minutes. What has happened or is different? JmarkRON
  4. Can anyone help. I have Roxio Creator 2012 and love the photoshow bit of it and can manage it all but when I come to burn to dvd and playback on dvd player the photos are no longer as sharp as they were. It is not the dvd player because I have played dvd's which I have done with another software product and they are fine. I am using windows 7
  5. creator 2012, photosuite 13, was working fine during the summer. Now it fails to open files - will grey out / fog over the screen, and eventually get a dialog "photosuite 13 has stopped working" and then it closes. If have photosuite open and double-click a picture in explorer, it will appear in photosuite, it can be edited. However, trying to do file/save yields the very same fogged over windows and the same not responding failure. Based on what little i found online, have already used revo uninstaller to remove creator 12, then reinstalled, still have the very same problem.
  6. I was a Photoshow Premium member and created quite a few shows - all of which appear to still be on the Photoshow Premium site - however my membership has recently expired. I'm considering purchasing Roxio Creator 2012 (although I've read many negatives about it) I've been using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and it's been a very good program to do many things. Does Roxio Creator 2012 have Photoshow installed within its many programs? If so, why would I need to renew my membership with Photoshow Premium? Hope I've been clear and I do greatly appreciate advise/feedback. Thank you.
  7. I need some help. Please note from the onset, I am new to this program and just want to produce a slideshow where my individual photos come up, stay still for a specific length of time and then transitions into the next frame. Is it possible to delete the Pan and Zoom feature? For some reason, I can not disable/delete the Pan and Zoom feature. Some photos I place stay perfectly as I intended, others "jump" (zoom), some of the jumps start the minute the photo comes up, others wait until almost the end of the frame. I have gone to the individual frames, clicked on Edit - then Pan and Zoom editor. That brings up the editor feature. It is set in Preset Pan and Zoom. I tried changing it to "none", running the slide below the photos from left to right and clicking on OK and then save (some times I have saved it immediately and other times I have "fixed" two or three different frames before saving.) For some of the frames it seems to solve the problem, Other times it hasn't and when I go back into the editor feature, "none" is not set but it has jumped back to the original "pan and zoom". Thus my plea for help. I am trying to get a slide show done for this weekend and I keep losing time going back and trying to fix and refix the same problem. I am one frustrated novice. Thank you in advance for any assistance given. L. Leigh
  8. Hello Everyone! I am new to this and I want to get instructions on how to convert an old VHS tape to DVD. I have the USB capture device and an old VCR but I don't know which I turn on first. What speed should I have the VCR replay set at? Which do I start first the VCR or Roxio? How long does two hours of video on tape take to convert to DVD? Is there a User Guide or User Manual available anywhere? I have lots of old tapes that I want to save but I'm just a little lost to begin with so any and all help will be appreciated a lot. Thank you!!
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