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Found 10 results

  1. Danny T

    Save As Disc Image

    Two questions: 1. When I save as a disc image and then mount the disc, and then open the disc in DVD Player, the Menu appears with the first item selected, but pressing Play immediate returns to the Play button and nothing happens. Can also not select the other two items. 2. When I save a disc image, the user manual says it saves in a format that can be read on a Mac. Is it true, then, that if my intent is to create a DVD that can be read by a DVD player, and a Mac, and a Windows computer, I cannot save a disc image?
  2. Captain Chopper

    Captures Wont Save

    So here's the deal I've been running roxio game capture hd pro software just fine for about 8 months now theres been a few problems here and there but nothing I couldn't put up with. Now it straight up wont save my captures. I pres start capture, it dose everything like normal, it makes a file and then when I say stop capture a wait bar comes up as it saves but then after the wait bar goes away the file just disappears. I see the file the whole time while I'm capturing and its fine but then when I stop capture it just poofs out of existence. it doesn't take up space any where on my computer I can't search it out it literally just disappears. Any help with this is appreciated thank you.
  3. I was using Roxio Creator 2009 on a laptop with Windows 7 to create music disc projects, I was able to edit songs with the quick edit function, and save them with no problem. I usually only use the editor to trim the length of the song. The screen on that machine went bad, I upgraded to a newer model with Windows 8, and much to my dismay, Roxio 2009 is incompatable. Roxio support suggested that I upgrade to Roxio NXT 2, I did so, it is compatable, but it will no longer save my edited music projects, when I re-open, the songs revert back to the original length, the edits are still present when I open the quick editor, if I hit the done button they go back to the edited length, but this will not be sufficient for how I need this software to perform. I do not burn discs, I open the project and play it as a playlist to instruct group exercise. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi all, just wondered if anyone has seen this issue before. I can load videowave OK, but if I try to do ANYTHING that involves opening a file dialogue biox it crashes. For example, when the opening dialogue allows me to start a new project - thats OK - but if I try to open an existing one - crash. If I start a new project and then try to use the folder tree view in media selector - crash. If I try to save the project - crash. If I try to export anything - crash. In fact absolutely anything that requires access to the windows file structure - crash. By Crash I mean, a Videowave dialogue pops up saying "VideoWave has stopped working" as the attached immage shows. However, I discovered if I log in to the same computer as a different user - all works fine. So, it must ne something related to the user profile - but I cant find a clue as to what. I have tried repairing, uninstalling, reinstalling, checking registry keys for maybe a corrupt last used path etc but nothing fixes the issue. A should add that I have no problem with any other software on the PC. Basically, I can now only use VW by logging on as a different user or using the Win7 "Switch user" feature to log on. Any clues or ideas woyld be appreciated as whilst not a show stopper this is a PITA. Thanks in advance. Ian PC Spec: Dell M4700, Intel i5 CPU, 8Gb RAM, Win7 64b (SP1), Nvidia Quadra K2000M Running: Creator NXT Pro (Build 140B36A)
  5. I have saved my VHS tapes to an external Toshiba hard drive instead of DVDs. I can go to the drive and play the video. If I put the drive on another computer, you can hear but not see the video. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time on this.
  6. Ok, I recently upgraded my Roxio Creator Starter to NXT b/c I needed to edit some music. I already had a video editor, but I'm about to start working on a video and I thought I would play with this since I spent the money on it. Well I can't really even get started!! If I try to "save as" it just crashes. I'm like, seriously??? Can anyone help b/c this is just ridiculous.
  7. k3dc7458

    How Do I Make Clips?

    I am wondering how to turn my full length videos into small clips to later put into a montage for tutorial videos. Right now the full length videos take up a lot of space, so to save on space I would like to trim the parts of the full length videos that I need and the delete the original video while keeping the clips. Any ideas?
  8. recently bought Toast 11 for Mac to use with my new Tivo Premiere 4. used the Tivo Transfer app that came with it to get a bunch of tv shows off my old Tivo HD so that i can then get to them from my new Tivo via the Mac2Tivo included app. trying to figure out how i can edit the metadata of these ".tivo" files so i can have a better sense of what show is which when getting from the Tivo itself, but cannot figure it out. have scoured google & these forums. only found other old open source programs that i'm nervous/confused about using. i can open these .tivo files in Toast, and click the EDIT option and easily edit the text that goes along with the show (title & episode etc); but then there's no way to just save it back. it makes me export/convert it to something other than what it is. is there no EASY way to just simply edit the meta text of a file without going thru all the conversion & exporting process???
  9. I select Audio, then Audio CD, then add songs to the playlist, then Save. Now, if I then change any gains, make a custom crossfade, or change the order of songs, the Save function remains grayed out as though no changes were made. Closing Toast does not initiate a dialog box asking if I want to save changes, it just closes and the changes are lost. However, any other changes (i.e., Pause Setting, Effects, or Preset Crossfades) makes the Save function active and then all changes are saved. I tried this on several playlists (new and previously saved from earlier versions) all with the same result. Obviously I can work around the issue by making a minor change to something else after making changes that aren’t recognized as changes, or I can Save As... and keep the same name overwriting the original, but neither of these options are acceptable long term. Anyone else have this issue? (2008 iMac, 10.8.2, 4GB RAM)
  10. iEPICxTACO

    Recover Lost Save

    Ok, so I spent like 10 hours editing a video to load on youtube and I had finally finished. It didn't let me upload to youtube so I saved and went to work on another project. I loaded it up and a message popped up. I skimed it and thought it was just asking me to save my project before I left so I hit yes. I ended up saving my new project over my old one. Is there any way to get it back. It dosn't matter if I lose the new project I barley did anything.