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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all, Just purchased Toast 19 Pro today on a really good discount. Everything is fine, and this is mainly a question if this is normal behavior. Under Big Sur 11.3.1, and Toast 19.4 When looking at video settings, the Flash Video Format is greyed out, at F4V. I don't use flash, but when trying my copy of 17.4 Pro in a Catalina VM, this option could be selected. I just wondered if was greyed out now, because flash has been discontinued, and there is no real use for it anymore. Usually I work with AVC or HEVC video, and not flash. I mainly want toast for blu-ray video support, as it's still the best option for the Mac as far as I've been able to find. If anyone can shed some light on this: would be appreciated. Thanks. By the way, since I just purchased 19 today, It's a clean install on Big Sur. I haven't used my copy of toast 17 since I used it on Mojave a couple years ago.
  2. I just downloaded toast burn version 2.0.1 and tried to burn a mov file on to a dvd. Once the dvd burned , I inserted on to my dvd player and it said "This disk cannot be played". what should I do? what settings does it need to be on?
  3. I burned my first DVD on Toast DVD and I was a little disappointed. It's a 5 minute music video. There are many fade ins and outs with different photos on top of a running film of moving country side filmed from a car window. I'm disappointed with the lack of smoothness in the video and it's not just the faster moving country side, even the opening garage door which smoothly rises in the original video does not rise smoothly in the burned Toast version, showing little hold-ups and then catch ups in the motion. It's subtle, but visible and disappointing and takes away from the quality of the video. I played with custom settings but didn't achieve any improvements. Is this lack of quality built into the product meaning I need a higher quality burner software of are my settings wrong? Thanks for comments.
  4. I am making blu-ray discs an am unable to change color schemes (area is grayed out). Also unable to choose what happens after a video plays (after playing area in setting is also grayed out). Are these options not available when making blu-rays? Does anyone know how to change these settings in blu-rays?
  5. I have just upgraded from Creator NXT Pro (CNP) to Creator Nxt Pro 2. When using Stabilize Video In CNP, I could have acces to a Settings dialog where I coud adjust different settings such as Adjust Zoom, Tabilize Rotation and others. In CNP 2, I get the message that there is no settings for this object. The CNP 2 Help file states that the Stabilize Video Settings is accessed by double-clicking the effect in the Production Editor (exactly as in CNP). As this function is primordial to me, I need it to work correctly. Any idea how to make it work?
  6. Hi there, I had a quick question about the resolution of my gameplay footage. Initially, I was getting clips that were 1280 x 720 or higher, but now, the best I can get from my Roxio is 720 x 480. I didn't mess around with any of the settings, this just did it on its own as far as I can tell. Anyone have a similar problem or even better, a solution? Thanks a million.
  7. I work on the Windows platform - in Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended and Photomatix. I create my Virtual Tours in Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. Host them myself on my own website. Send agents the link and they hook it up to their listings on the MLS. I've been exporting to Windows Media Video 9, 1280 x 720. Looks great on my monitor; clients love them. All tours are similar to this one - http://www.TorontoRe...keleyStreet.wmv PLEASE HELP me figure out which settings I need to everyone can see the tours on all mediums. Too many options, and I don't know what they mean!! Thanks so very much!
  8. right i have it all set up right and it looks ok . but i want it too look a lot better than ok . i have it set to output 720p to my stream thats the highest i can i believe (ps3) i also have quality turned all the way up . now my internet is 50 download and 17 upload i have bitrate set too 2250 but i am thinking that can be a lot more ? ? and will produce much better quality ? ? lastly it does look a little dark so i have found the settings for brghtness - saturation and so on , can anyone reccomend the best settings for me . currently streaming black ops 2 thanks dan
  9. Hey guys, so I recently got my Game Cap HD Pro, and it's amazing! The quality is superb and the videowave is a decent editor since I don't have any other one. However, the color is a bit off, and its a bit too bright. I don't know the best brightness, contrast, etc. settings. Can someone help me? Any and all help is appreciated. On a bit of a side note, it records 59fps. I thought it maxed out at 29.97?
  10. I am still a novice with video and am having a new problem I have never encountered. I recently downloaded the Toast 11 HD and Blu-ray plugin so that I could use regular DVDs to record HD video. After i burned the DVD and played it back, I noticed the sound was not synced with the movements of the individual's mouth. I did not record the sound and video seperately. I used an omni directional lavalier microphone that I hooked directly to my camera. On the recording, the sound is excellent as is the picture, just not synced. I can't find anything online about correct audio settings for this kind of situation so I would appreciate any help anyone might be able to offer. Regards, Michael
  11. Hello I just made an account in here and well I will apologize in advance if anyone already posted the same issues i have. But I been watching people's "render settings" in youtube using video wave and their quality looks better than mine. I usually end up setting it as "Same quality" one or i got with the Ipad 720p option. The videos I see of people with their render settings have more options to choose from than what I got. Here is a screenshot http://gyazo.com/9111704a70dd96c699d55b8b433ddf5b below are the Window Media 9 options.. I seen some of them have like some blu ray option or more AVC options than what I got. Some i seen have a render settings with some divx stuff.. If this are downloaded settings or codecs could anyone link me to them or have a tutorial on how to install them? Also as for my other issue. When I have my ps3 ready to record on my preview screen you get alot of pixel stuff and it just looks like the image is blocky... like this. http://gyazo.com/b53b3242783cdc3da6b0eecbacb0e270 so if it shows up like that on the preview screen before i record it shows up on the recorded video also.. could it be my component cables? I am mostly concerned about the missing render options right now.. the blocky pixel stuff doesnt happen as often.
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