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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to create a DVD where I have photos that can either be viewed with music or with narration. If I try and create 2 movies, they don't fit on one DVD (just slightly over), I could pull some photos out to reduce the size but would like to include the photos that I have. Is there a way to have one video with photos only and then the user can make the choice as to which audio accompaniment they want? Ideally Menu would have two buttons - Music or Narration. Regardless of which one the user chooses, the photo slide show would run with the chosen audio format. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Amy
  2. I have assiduously prepped hi rez photos for inclusion in a 16:9 template. the menu items are two videos, which look great, and a slideshow, which is driving me nuts. I think it has to do with Toast, because if I stick the photos (16:9, 1920x1080) on a thumb drive, directly into my LED TV, they look perfect, and fill the screen. But in the Toast slideshow, they have black bars above and below, and appear stretched. I am at the limit of my research. I think the photos are correctly prepared, but see no way to tinker with the slideshow. I should say, I am burning a DVD for playing on DVD players with TVs. I think I have chosen the right format and all, since the videos look perfect. Why would Toast squash/stretch my slides, though? One photo attached, shown from thumb drive, and Toast stretched version.
  3. I have some pictures and videos I took with my Nikon D610 camera that I would like to put together in a slideshow. The videos are too long to use Photoshow. I was wondering how I can do this using my larger videos. I would like to put some pictures, then a video, then more pictures. Ideally using captions on some of the photos and videos too. And add music. Is there a simple way to describe how to do this? I would really appreciate it as I would like to put something together by Sunday for Father's Day. Thank you for any help!
  4. I am a Mac user and I am trying to create slideshows with music to burn on a DVD to view on a domestic TV. So far I have not been able to integrate the music with the slideshow. Presumably this where Sonicfire comes into the picture. If so, how do I go about integrating the two programmes? Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. big guy


    Can you put a slideshow with music if you have toast 11? If so how?
  6. I am trying to make a family slideshow, with chapters, using Toast 11 on IOS 10.9.1. Cannot find a way to have text appear on slides during the playback. The text input for each slide on the content page doesn't show up on the slide during playback. Is it possible to do that?
  7. (for a DVD) and having them play sequentially all the way through. I did it once, and now I can't re create it. The program made me put 3 slideshows on a menu, so there are 3 slideshows on the first and second menus and 1 on the third. Right now, it's playing the first 3 slideshows and then returning to the first slideshow instead of playing number 3 and then heading to number 4 on the second menu. The same with the second menu. After number 6, it plays the first slideshow of the project Thank you
  8. Hi, Can anyone help me please??? I have spend weeks creating a movie/slideshow in Roxio EMC 10 MyDVD. The content became to big to fit on one disc so I started another production. I have now almost finished but would like to copy, or move, one of the slideshows from one production to another, i.e another saved production file. Is this possible? I can copy and paste a whole menu's slideshow/movie to another menu on the same production but not to another saved production. The paste option is not available when I open up the production that I wish to move the movie/slideshow to. Which makes me wonder, is what I'm trying to do actually possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards E.
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