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Found 10 results

  1. Why does it take up to a minute for Toast 19 to launch each time? I have tried removing the app and reinstall, same issue. Mac OS 11.3.1 MacPro (trashcan) Toast ver 19.4
  2. How big and complex of videos should I expect VideoWave to handle? Am I pushing the limits of software and system? Am I doing something inefficiently? I am using Roxio NXT 4 Pro VideoWave. My current project is very slow, at best. For example, splitting the video track takes 10 to 20 minutes to have effect. Or, VideoWave stops responding. My current project is HD 1280x720, 22 minutes long, has sound on both native and music track, several short segments on two text tracks, a couple of transitions, and I am editing out perhaps a dozen short sections. Rendering with hardware. VideoWave updated today. The computer has Windows 10, Intel i5 1.80 GHz CPU, 16GB RAM, with 85GB available on the hard drive.
  3. Before I upgraded to version 14, toast was working perfect in the previous version. I am very disappointed in a software, that I've been using for over 10 to 15 years. The issue I am having with version 14.1 When I burn my CD, Not only is it slow but it will not mount when I am giving that option. Sometimes I will wait 10 minutes for it to mount, but get no success. My computer is an Apple: o/s El Capitan 10.11.1 Mac Pro (Early 2008) 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 16 GB 800 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM I really need help with this because I've already wasted 30 CDs, which is becoming very costly.
  4. First of all I just recently upgraded from Toast 9 to 11 and I have been a very long time Toast user. I am a professional photographer and I only use Toast for creating Data (Mac & PC) DVDs to supply images to my clients. Toast 11.1 is almost unusabley slow in creating a DVD in comparison to Toast 9 Is there any cure? OSX 10.6.8 Also I'm really annoyed that I registered my copy of toast on the 7th March But received my 14 day warranty confirmation on 15th March and now support says that the warranty period has expired! NOT HAPPY AT ALL! Respestfully, Peter
  5. The first DVD I burned using NXT 3 on my Windows 7 Pro system took about 30 minutes - good! The next time I tried to burn a DVD, after 3 hours it had only achieved ~7%! So I killed the process. I tried to do a repair on the S/W but got some errors so I decided to re-install it. It made no difference - still v-e-r-y slow. I tried to re-burn the first DVD that took 30 minutes but it was now also very slow. Do you have any ideas?
  6. Video encoding (.mkv to DVD) is really slow. I let it run for 8 hours and it was only 40% done. I have an iMac (3.5GHZ quad core i7, 32GB RAM) with an NVIDIA 4GB 780M video card, and found that the Mac Cuda driver would help with performance. So I installed the latest Cuda driver from NVIDIA and verified it was installed in System Preferences. I restarted restarted my computer, but the VideoBoost option is still greyed out. I thought I'd try another encode (.mkv to DVD), so I let it run for an hour, but it only was 4% done. So the conversion is still really slow. Is this slow performance normal? Why can't I enable VideoBoost after installing the Cuda driver? This is new iMac and Toast 12 Pro is a new install (not an upgrade) with the latest Toast 12 update (12.0.1). Also, I've already experienced a couple of crashes during encoding attempts. Hope someone can help. I miss iDVD and was hoping this would replace it. But if it's normally this slow and crashes a lot.... Thanks!! Brian
  7. After installing Mavericks yesterday, the encoding/CD burning process was so terribly slow that I had to cancel and download the free burn software to finish the job. When I say slow, I mean after 6 hours I was only at 25% completed. I was burning a couple of .m4v files (600 mb a piece) to DVD. The free burn software had it done within a couple of hours.
  8. i made a video and put a lot of time into it. it is approximately 35 seconds long. it took a while because my computer is pretty slow but can still manage to make everything nicely. I started to render it so i could send it to a friend, but it stopped around 18% of the way and hasn't budged in an hour. i've tried multiple times to no avail. The no number on the screen change ( like duration or frames). Is it taking this long because of my computer or is this a normal happening? is it actually frozen?
  9. recently i got the Roxio gamecapture HD Pro, the device itself is great the recording software works fine asswel but, the editting software seems to be very bad. every time i touch something it freezes for 5-10 minutes until i can do anything. it has to be a software problem because my Pc is a beast and should be able to handle it. does anyone have an idea how to fix this or tips on how to make it stop freeze Please help me
  10. i have been experiencing a lag while editing video in videowave i have bought roxio creator a little less than a month ago and this is my problem when i try to use videowave it works fine but, the audio plays at normal speed and my picture jumps frame and doesn't keep up with the audio. i meet all the system requirements and it has a lag in it. i cant see where i am at with this and it is impossible to edit cleanly. i did render a video and it came out at normal speed but it still is impossible to edit the video i want with the picture jumping frames i usually add the video in a mp4, m2ts or mts if anyone can help that would be great
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