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Found 15 results

  1. (Saw on May 2009 same problem no answer) Easy Creator 10 - Roxio Sound Editor - Running on a Win-7 / 64 (everything is up-to-date high-end desktop plenty everything: cpu, memory, disk space and so on), have also had problems with same thing on Win-XP. I've been using Sound Editor for quite some time almost every day to create audio mixes for personal use. Some times when I try using it, it would not let me select portions of the clip to cut out a part in the main editing window. It seems like the cursor was/is gone. If I try to drag the cursor over the section I want to cut, it selects the entire track instead and can only cut entire tracks. Other times it works fine. I would say 40% of the time I can not get it (the cursor - the light-blue vertical line) to appear and be able to drop it in the sound track or drag it in the current sound clip, no mater what I try or click on options I select or menus picks. Have not found any consistent way of bringing up the Sound Editor and get the cursor to work. Even a reboot does not always solve the problem. What seems to be causing this problem (the loss of cursor)? Is there an option/menu pick to activate the cursor? Is there a work-around?
  2. I've successfully recorded quite a few cassettes to .wma with this program, but today it fails to recognize the .wma file it just recorded. The file exists; the error message says "The file... does not exists or is not a supported audio file." I closed & re-opened the program, and then re-booted the computer, but am still getting the same error... Any thoughts?
  3. When I click the record button in Sound Editor it doesn't stay on. I click the record button, it turns to "pause", but a couple of seconds later it reverts to "record" and nothing gets recorded. It doesn't matter if I leave the cursor on the button or move it. It has worked fine for years, but last week this problem cropped up. I ended up getting the Easy VHS to DVD3 upgrade hoping that this would fix the problem. I thought it did, because it worked fine for a few songs this evening, but then when I turned the album to side 2, there it goes again. I previously tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, but to no avail. Any help in this matter will be appreciated.
  4. I'm running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (64 bit) on an i7 with 8 GB of Ram. I installed Easy VHS to DVD 3 to capture audio from a casette player. All works well until I click on 'done'. The Sound Editor processes the captured audio into a file up to 99% and then stalls and 'crashes' ('Not responding'). No file is saved and I am forced to close the application. This occurs with long captures (25 min) and short captures (1 min) I've tried repairing the install to no avail. I suspect it might have something to do with my screen saver switching on during the capture, but that seems ridiculous. Can anyone provide any suggestions? Many thanks in advance. PS - I searched through the message boards for any answers addressing this but didnt find any. Apologies if I've missed one.
  5. I have just installed Creator NXT4 on a Windows 10 Pro 64 bit machine. After I record sound from an LP or tape and try to create the track breaks and clean the clicks and pops, upon saving the project after making any changes to the .wav file, the program crashes. I have contacted Support, but the only solution proffered so far was to uninstall NXT4, make sure all relevant folders were either deleted or marked .old and re-install. I have done this twice now, with no change in the results. When recording LP's it also does not detect the track breaks, even though that option is selected. My previous version of Creator (12) did detect track breaks and did allow me to edit and clean with no problems saving the projects. Has anyone any idea what is going on? My system is: Intel Core i7-3930K CPU (6-cores, 3.2GHz) 32 GB of RAM Windows 10 Pro 64 bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Cideo Card 2-Samsung SSD 840 Pro Solid State Drives, one is the system disc 2-Seagate ST3000DM001 3-TB conventional hard drives Dual LED monitor display ASUS P9X79 Pro motherboard
  6. Can't seem to locate the data on this one. Does the sound editor packaged with REV2D+3 recognize Mp3s for editing? I am assuming not since the interface cant find the Mp3 music. Just making sure before I purchase another software solution. Thanks for any feedback!
  7. Hello -- I have purchased Corel Video Studio x8 and Paintshop Pro and would like the sound editor from Roxio -- Is there a way to only purchase the sound editor module of Roxio? Thank you -- Michael
  8. anybody else have problems with sound editor crashing. its a real pain. and its been around since creator early days. why wasn't this issue fixed. it varies from time to time, using wav files might be the issue but they work best
  9. I just purchased the Roxio NXT2 program. I was told by the salesman that it would comparable and would have all the features of Roxio 6 Platinum. which by the way was the best audio editing and burning system ever mad. it was simple and worked great. also the photo suite worked great. windows 7 would not work and I had to upgrade to NXT2. But guess what? it is the worst many problems and difficult to operate . sending it back and getting a refund. I really wish they would make a Roxio 6 Platinum that would work o windows 7.
  10. I am in the process of digitizing some old vinyl using Sound Editor in Roxio 2011. I used to do this regularly but it has been some time since I used the clean and enhance features and so need a refresher. My problem is that I do not want to treat the entire track with the cleaning options. When I click on the Clean up Audio button at the top of the Roxio Sound Editor window I am given three options: Clean, Enhancer & Equalizer. When I click on Clean I receive a popup window that allows me to adjust the intensity or threshold for the following parameters: Declicker, Decrackler, Denoiser & Noise. When I have tried applying these filters, it markedly affects the quality of the entire track - the track becomes deadened and less lively. What I want to be able to do is to manually identify the pops and clicks (the serious ones are very easy to identify on the waveform displayed in the Sound Editor window) and simply remove those specific pops, I don't want to treat the entire track. I remember being able to do this a couple of years ago, but I have simply forgotten how. Is anyone able to refresh my memory? Thanks so much. aras
  11. I am using Sound Editor to process a large number of WAV files, splitting each of them into several MP3 files. I would like the files to be created with this template for path and filename: <Artist>\<Title>.mp3 I can select the output folder, but I see no way to specify subfolder and filename. There is such an option in the CD Ripper module, but Sound Editor does not seem to honor that spec. So my files end up with this for names: <Artist>\<Album>\<Track#>_<Title>_<Artist>.mp3 It is a great chore to rename and move these files. Why can't I tell Sound Editor what I want instead of it deciding for me?
  12. I recently upgraded to Roxio Creator NXT to see if a bug I encountered with a prior version of Sound Editor (acquired as a bundle with a new Dell PC) had been solved. I still encounter the same problem. I am using the new software on a Dell XPS L502X with Windows 7 Professional SP1, 8Gb of RAM, Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU. Here is what I do and experience: (BUG ONE) I create a dmse project with multiple songs, including volume changes and custom equalizer settings. I export the songs (Use Clips from Project) and save the project ( these two actions in any order). I close the project. I reopen the project using the Sound Editor Open Project menu item (I may have worked with other projects in between). Not all the songs I previously saved in the project appear in the project! So starting with the last song that now appears in the project, I have lost all of the work made in the songs that followed it. It is very frustrating, especially if you lose tens of songs in the project ( I often group more than 50 songs in the same project). I suspect the problem has to do with the saved equalizer settings of the last song that appears because if I open the dmse with Notepad, look for the last song that appears in my re-opened project, eliminate its <Parameter> line and save the file, I can reopen the project and it brings all songs back. However, if multiple songs in the project have the same EQ problem, I have to repeat the process for each last song that appears in the re-opened project. I lose the EQ settings for the songs for which I remove the <Parameter>, but at least I can salvage most of the project. This behavior is not consistent; sometimes I can use the software to work with multiple projects and do not encounter the problem. In other instances, the problem will occur multiple times on the same day, even if I reboot. Roxio needs to fix this problem! Things must work as advertised! And please do not think that the problem is that I use Notepad to edit the dmse files! I discovered and resorted to this mechanism to salvage my projects! (BUG TWO) I also encounter corrupted EQ settings when I open a project that show up on the EQ display as split buttons having the left side on one position and the right side on another. So it seems there is a problem with saving a project with EQ settings that upon re-opening the project result in an abort of loading songs, or in songs that corrupted EQ settings. Another problem I find is that if I create a custom eq setting (something I do often) and save it for reusing it in other tracks in the project, It will not show up on tracks above the one where I saved it. So unless you save it for the first song in the project, you will not be able to reuse it in the project for songs before the one where you saved it. (BUG THREE) I also have an issue with ripping CD's with gapless tracks and making volume/EQ changes. When exporting those songs, they will not consistently transition from one song to the other without some type of noise, regardless I trim or do not trim the gapless tracks. Also frustrating. Help wanted!
  13. I have Creator 2011 and have been digitizing LPs and tapes using the Roxio LP and Tape Assistant window and creating Tags for each song without problems. However, when I export them as mp3 files to my harddrive, the default file names come out using the Number, Title, and Artist from the tag file I made. I just want the Title in the file name and have to edit out the numbers and artist names later from the mp3 files. This is tedious for a large number of files exported from an album. I can't find anyway to edit preferences for naming the exported file here or in Sound Editor if I go there before exporting them. Does anyone know if there a way to edit preferences for what goes into the final file name?
  14. I have digitized thousands of tracks of music from LP's, cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes. Some of these materials are mono and coming out of one speaker only. I foolishly did not deal with this problem when digitizing so I have to go back and convert several hundred tracks sitting in iTunes (m4a) by pulling them into Sound Editor- using the Edit-Properties-Channel Control-Mono Mix switch. Best as I can tell, Sound Editor pulls the tracks in from my compilations albums with each track as a separate "clip" (rather than pulling them in as tracks). This then requires me to join the tracks into one clip and lose my track separators (I realize that Sound Creater does leave a mark when the track seperator was). I can then use the Mono Mix switch for all tracks at once. Alternatively, I can keep my track separators and throw the Mono Mix switch one track at a time. That is tedious enough, but then I cannot figure a way to just save the converted files back into iTunes folder. I have been burning the converted tracks onto a CD, re-importing into iTunes -which requires me to fill in all the information for each track (title, artist, etc) - Gracenote won't help because these are mostly compilations taped off the radio 1957-1959. I then delete the original mono music files. Am I missing some obvious (or non-obvious) shortcut?) Can I somehow save the converted tracks back into iTunes folder without having to burn a CD and without having to fill in all the lost info? Thanks for any advice.
  15. Carefully following the documentation, cannot export a 2 layer mix using Sound Editor. Running Creator 2011 Pro on a Dell Inspiron, Win 7 Pro, 8GB Ram. The output file is always ZERO in length, no matter what kind of output format I choose. Any ideas? Thanks.
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