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Found 6 results

  1. Is there a way to speed up the playback of the VHS? The tapes are 4hrs and I have to play them at the speed before I can burn them to a DVD. Is there a better or easier way? I am also doing individual files, like a 2hr clip and then another 2hr clip, because the VHS is bigger than a single DVD. Is there a better way? I haven't been able to find any information regarding this or the best way to transfer from VHS to DVD. Thanks
  2. I've used Easy VHS for Mac to digitize dozens of video tapes. Now I want to digitize my old collection of music audio cassettes. This seemed straight forward. I connected my audio tape deck to the Roxio USB converter, and used Easy VHS v1.0.5 on my iMac. During recording the music through the iMac speakers sounds normal, BUT on playback in iMovie or QuickTime, the music is messed up: sort of sped up, but in a weird way. In iMovie I slowed playback to 1/2 speed, but that was too slow. Should I be able to record music from audio cassettes? What are the likely problems? If this is not possible, can someone suggest alternative ways to do this? [system: 27" iMac, Late 2013; 3.5GHz; 24GB RAM; 3TB storage; Yosemite 10.10.2]
  3. rrhill

    Burn And Verification Speed Slow

    I have been a long time Toast user. Under Toast 12 on my hi-end Mac Book Pro running Mavericks using an Apple USB DVD drive, Toast is taking a super long time to burn and a super long time to verify. It pauses for long periods (all night at least once). Looks like it pauses if the Mac sleeps or Toast is in the background. When the Mac is active and Toast is the foreground task, it stays aactive. This behavior is not what I would expect based on pervious versions of the software and Mac OS X. Is it App Nap? Drive sleep on Mac sleep? I am setting App Nap to off for Toast and will try some test burns but it would be nice if Roxio addressed this (is it in the manual), preferably so the application functioned as anticiapted out of the box.
  4. JoeVRoh

    A Few Hiccups

    I want to thank you for your time in advance to help me with my issues. I will be eagerly awaiting feedback! I've recorded some games on every console and have experienced a few issues with this device. I have had successful videos created with this product and am happy with my purchase yet these issues are now diminishing the experience. So finally, I ask for your help! I have the Roxio Game Capture Pro (NO HDMI) My Roxio game capture, when plugged into my computer and my running game console, the display on my (Dynex) television flickers on and off. This is only part of the time, so I presume it's an issue with the cables. The cable is a hybrid output for Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I do feel that this cable is the culprit for this issue. If it could be anything else, what are my suspects? To a more recent and important issue: Videos play in double speed when in the production editor. Now, after I saw this I immediately thought it could be the playback speed. So I double clicked the segment, only to find that the speed is normal. After resetting the program a couple of times, there seems to be no issue. What's with the change? I've also had this issue when reviewing an entire project (multiple scenes of video from different sources) and while viewing the whole video in one segment, a snippet would be in double speed-thus throwing off the remainder of the video. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you for your time! Respectively, Joseph
  5. It seems once you start recording, the preview and final video tears, pixilates, and lags severely during intense action. This gradually lessens the longer the recording goes on, and seems to lessen the more you record in that session, even if you stop and start a different recording. I haven't been able to get it to not do it all for a single recording yet, though. Anyway around this? Maybe if I have it record a few seconds of nothing before the action starts to prep it so it will be gone by the time the thing I want to record starts? Then I run into the problem of having to crop out that part of the video, which will reduce the quality, unless there is a way to render it as uncompressed?
  6. Jabberwockxeno

    Hardware Vs. Software Rendering

    What exactly does this do? Logically, the rendering is done via software running on the hardware, so what does this setting do? I would assume hardware would be the option you want if you have an amazing GPU, but doesn't the rendering get done on it anyways since the software (presumbly) uses the GPU? Or does it normally use the CPU, and the hardware setting uses the GPU? Are there any bugs or other info I should know relating to this?