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  1. I'm using Roxio for the first time in a while because I was without a computer. Right now I'm trying it again for the editing software but I'm having a lot of issues. My desktop doesn't have a disc drive, so I can't do it the old fashion way. I remember a similar issue in the past where I downloaded it on one computer, then moved the files over with a flash drive, but that does nothing. I see everything I know I need, but clicking the launchpad does nothing. Not even a split second of a window loading, just nothing. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or if I'm forgetting some specific step? Or if possible, how I could download the software without the disc? I tried running everything while the capture card was plugged in, but nothing changed.
  2. I visit this site reasonably often and search for a solution to my problem(s). When I can't find a solution I submit a post asking for assistance. What puzzles, and aggravates, me is the lack of appreciation shown by a heck of a lot of people seeking assistance – and when given, don’t bother to write a note of thanks for the suggestions made - helpful or otherwise. Just thought I would get that of my chest.
  3. There are a few things. First the Software Update Manager is no longer working since a Windows Update Months ago. Does no difference system is Windows 7 or above. I hope that you can fix this. Than there is a feature missing for capturing gameplay sound and recording a microphone at the same time as mix. There is a Option PAL_720p/1080i that is not useable. Roxio Game Capture always switch back to NTSC_M (i am using PAL Gaming Consoles) OBS - Open Broadcaster Studio can Capture much better Video Quality than the Game Capture Software why is this so ? And can you please tell us the right settings for capturing with best quality ?
  4. I use Roxio Video Copy and Convert to rip movies all the time, and then I run into this problem. As soon as I start converting the video, the program crashes. Windows pops up a message saying that the software has stopped working. I am using Windows 8. I have this issue with any movie that I try to convert, but only with DVDs. The issue will happen when converting to any format. I use the Visual Studio Debugger and get exit code 5652. I start debugging and get this exception: "Unhandled exception at 0x12081D3A (VideoCompositing.ax) in VideoConvert14.exe: 0xC00000FD: Stack overflow (parameters: 0x00000001, 0x0F9B2FFC)." I break here. I could really use help!
  5. Hello i really need some help here. I have a Roxio Game Capture that doesn't seem to be working. I have tried uninstalling it, then re-installing it. I have tried to repair the device, and i have even tried the update on the Roxio web page. Nothing seems to work. If you have any ideas or things i could try PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know, I'm desperate to get this thing working again. Thanks and BTW I have a window 7- 64 bit computer
  6. Nytmare_Elite

    No Signal

    I use a HD PRO and I recently have been having some problems with it. It is giving me a green "No Signal" light when I go to record my game as if my cable isn't in. Now I do have all the updates that the software permits as well as making sure the cables are in properly. I can see the game on my TV screen just fine. But I cant see it or record it on laptop. I use a Windows 8 laptop which ive recorded and uploaded from before 90% of my recording has been on my ne laptop. It just started doing this maybe a month ago id estimate. I hope you can figure out a solution please help!
  7. I have been trying to add a commentary to a video, but when I click "add background audio" it tells me that "VideoWave has stopped working"
  8. On October 2, 2014 I placed an order for Toast 12 Pro (Physical) rather than a download. As of today (November 5, 2014) I still do not have the product, no proof of shipping, and multiple calls in to the company to which they tell me the order is in processing, but has not shipped. Initially, they also told me they could not refund the order because it was already in processing. Today I received email telling me that the "free warranty support" on this product was about to expire. At this time I DO NOT have the physical copy I ordered, nor have they provided me with the ability to download it. First they offer that I can download it from my order login then they tell me that they cannot provide a download link because I paid for a physical copy. When I purchased it, the Pro version was listed as $99 on their homepage. It is of course now $149. Later in the day after placing my order, I offered the FRIENDS10 discount code to our corporate IT staff and my office ordered a copy of Toast 12 Pro as well. That order is experiencing the same non-shipment, non-helpful interaction. Multiple times, I called in and multiple times, according to Roxio Toast support, I was assured that they show plenty of physical copies in stock. After a few separate calls, I asked if they could cancel the non-shipping order and create a new order with the same $99 pricing so it would actually ship. The request was denied. I asked for some form of compensation for the absurd delay and aggravating lack of information. The request was again denied. 1) When people pay for your products, you have an obligation to your customers. 2) When people inquire about standard requests (Shipping, Billing, Serial Numbers, etc.) people expect an answer, even if you put them on hold to collect that answer. Either way, it should happen within the FIRST phone call. 3) When people request regular status updates to be sent to them because no answers were provided on the phone, people need someone to actually email or call them back. 4) If you use a 3rd party shipper, you are still responsible for your customer interactions. 5) When you use a 3rd party support desk, you are still responsible for you customer interactions. 6) When a failure happens on your end, you need to make it right. Credits are customary. I'm not posting this to start a bunch of name calling. I want to be heard and this is just one of many forums and blogs that this topic will be presented to.
  9. I am a long time user (going back to Adaptec in the year 2000). I am using this for work. We have a CD with 59 tracks (which is not unusual in my line of work). First, when trying to submit disc info to Gracenote after popping the disc in for audio creator, it got to where I could not type into the track fields (but could in the artist and title fields). I could paste in there, so I typed the tracks into Word and copied and pasted into the box for Gracenote. That was well and good until about half way through when it wouldn't let me go any further (I ran out of room on the screen, there was no scroll bar and it wouldn't move down any further),. I could move the box downwards, but not upwards to see any more tracks or to hit submit even for what I had. Then, I tried doing it through advanced rip. I entered the artist and title, but it would not let me choose the language (there were not choices) to even get to the tracks. This is absolutely ridiculous. I also find it sad that the company offers such a complex program with so many features and modules to it, but offer so little support. 14 days? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Most sofware companies support well past that. With a program like this, and the fact I use it only off and on at work, 14 days isn't even enough time to open the hood, and as I recall even within that is only being able to ask one question. That is inexcusable. And from what I can tell that is for activation or installation only. Even that is sad. I am not sure what they offer as far as tech support on using the program or bugs etc. I also hate how they make each version pretty much not work with previous things. I do seem to be able to open previous versions of labels (thank God), but other things are no longer true, I also hate how if you have a project, but move the media that it doesn't allow you to give it the new path or at least keep the titles on the screen to where you can find them and fix them yourself. That would make re-making CDs easier. I would like to ask if there is a way to get the program to get the title information from the track titles themselves and not the tags or at least an easy way to edit the tags. So much of what I have doesn't have tag info for MP3s and this too is a pain. I believe the issue happens in label creator, but can't recall. I just know I have had to edit and retype. This could well end my relationship with Roxio. I love some of the added features, but the older versions were a lot more easy to use. I might continue both at work and home if they could find a way to add the features and powers, give us control over them, but not make things so difficult, and actually have them work.
  10. I have set up my game capture correctly, and I'm trying to record my 360 footage. When I record, the fps drops drastically, and there is a few seconds delay from when it happens on the xbox to on the computer. when I play it back, the visuals go at 20 times speed, but the audio plays only t about 1.5. Help?
  11. Hello , A week ago i recieved my Roxio Game Capture HD. So i put the software disk in than install it and than when it was finished i plugged my roxio game capture HD in. When i press on the Roxio Game Capture Software Icon , i get a screen that saiys "Capture" and "Edit & Share". When i plug my Roxio Game Capture HD in and click on "Capture" the program keeps loading and loading until forever. ( I Also noticed when i plug it in many drivers of my computer are getting slow like my Wifi ). And when my Roxio Game Capture HD is unplugged and i press capture than i get the regular screen. ( its saiys without the roxio plugged in: "Input: No Input" "Signal: "No Signal".) I already tried to repair it without the roxio plugged in but it keeps giving me the same waiting screen evrytime. I Contacted the Roxio Support but i still didnt recieved anything after a week , the dont have my wrong email because i've got the confirm email about my support ticket on it. Would Someone please help me! Regards , GoldPown
  12. I just got my Roxio Capture HD Pro and im running into an issue recording my gameplay. I have my 360 hooked up to my RCC and when i go into the software to start recording, it doesnt even have the capture card in the options for source. I also cant acces the options menu or use the software at that point except exit. Any suggestions to fix this problem?
  13. So I know how to extract audio from a video using Roxio Videowave, and have done it before in the past. But now every time I try to do it, it won't let me save the file. The save button isn't highlighted, and nothing happens when I click it. Any suggestions?
  14. Recently I have purchased a Epson 1430 printer after discovering it did not work Roxio I contacted Roxio support they couldn't even tell me what printers via software supported. They suggested that I downloaded the latest version and try out. I did this and as soon as I looked at the supported drivers/printers for printing DVDs I could see it was not suitable, even after I told the support people on e-mail after they told me that they wanted to connect to my computer that I had taken off the latest version because it did not work. They asked me did I have the latest version installed then I asked him has he ever used to be DVD printing part and I never received an answer back. I said all so Roxio should keep up to date, even with the brand that day support of printers as I said, not answer. I am hoping to get the problem solved by having a programmer do some alterations for me tomorrow Saturday, 19 August 2013. If I do get up and running. I will upload the information for anyone our sewers running Epson 1430 or one of the Epson which uses this method. The reason for buying this printer was to replace the 750 model which also do not have support listed but was able to use at 930 driver/layout to use it with Roxio I wished they would keep their drivers up-to-date. For the latest models as well as the older models. I don't think these people at the help desk even understand how the program works and I think us users know more about it than they support people do because they don't use it. I am hoping this may help someone and I just wished. This would be picked up by Roxio management to see how people are treated. I have gone back to version 2010 and I'm sure this program will be able to fix it/hoping to they will be able to
  15. Why is it that the most current updater file is NEVER available for direct download from the "Software Updates" page? It just makes no sense to be chronically behind the curve with regard to updater files. I know that we can update from within the app, but, sometimes, that's just not practical.
  16. If Corel do care about Mac Users why no new version of Toast The Flagship for Mac Users after two years , only hope Corel do care about Mac and show-it soon.
  17. Hi i have lost the product key for my roxio game capture it was installed on my computer using the key but then reset my computer thinking i still had the code
  18. To: Any Mod/Guru that can help. Hello, I purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro this past December. and I recently got a new computer, but I cannot find the CD to install the software on it. I have the serial number and the actual capture card but that is all I still have. Is there a way to get a download of the software using the serial number? Any response would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
  19. Ok, so I'll try to give as much information as possible due to my issue with the order. -So I've ordered a Roxio HD Pro from their site < https://www.roxio.com/ena/products/game-capture/console/overview.html > on the 21st of April. And while I was assuming they would take around 2 weeks to ship during this time I have not received my confirmation email even though it still says that I have an order on their site (which is all fine and all) but for some reason in my bank account they have taken out the money and put it back into my account (I'm assuming they did this to make sure that I had enough [ and also because they mentioned that they only take what the product costs when they ship it]). This wouldn't be an issues if they had not done this every single day (with the exception of today as to where they have taken the money had haven't returned it [possibly payment has been confirmed?] ). Is there a reason as to why they keep doing this? and as an addition feature it looks as though they are trying to take the payment again... not to mention that the "Look up your order" page doesn't actually tell me if it has been shipped. TLDR: Ordered Roxio HD PRO from their site. Paid using a debit card No confirmation email (as of yet). Order does exist (according to their site) Continuous Taking money out and then replacing it. They have taken the payment now and looks like they are trying to take the amount again (looks like it, I have left a lump sum in that account to see if they take it or not [will update]). No status as to whether the order has been shipped. What's going on? If someone could fill me in as to what is going on, I would very much appreciate it.
  20. I've been trying to set up this software for six hours, to no avail. Have a picture of what it's doing right before crash. I also have all three logs but I don't know which one you need.. Thanks in advance, I really want this to work. All ready tried putting files into a folder and running setup from there. LogFile 13-03-23 19-28.zip
  21. I have the Roxio HD Pro and When i hook it up as the guide says to and make sure everything is set right the video still shows up black and white on the TV and PC. But if hook it straight to the TV its in color but not when linked to the Roxio. Does anyone know how to get the color working? Here are a few photos to show you it in black and white and how its set up. To See the Video of whats Happening here is my video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaXf1FnLRyI
  22. So, I just got my Roxio GC HD Pro, (which I didn't order from this website) and I'm getting genuinely mad at this piece of hardware. My situation: I'm normally plugging my Xbox into my monitor, which doesn't have an HDMI input, only DVI. So my setup is as follows: Xbox ---HdmiSplitter ---HDMI---> Roxio GC HD Pro | ---Hdmi to DVI converter --> Monitor If anyone suggests checking the cable connection, I'm gonna ragequit and just send this back. That suggestion never helped anyone. When I start up my Xbox, my monitor doesn't display anything until it eventually lights up for one frame, showing a correctly displayed Xbox dashboard, and then return to showing nothing. It lights up about once every 5 minutes. In the Roxio Game capture HD Pro Software it says "No Signal" while displaying some strange lines which just flicker across the window. (Strangely, those lines cannot be picked up by screencapping, which is why I can't provide screenshots.) Those lines appear to be small parts of a correct image. I checked my settings but I can't find any property related to the problem. The Gamecap HD is shown in my Device manager and I already tried uninstalling the device and then repairing the installation. I have tried this both on Windows XP x86 and Windows 7 x64, same results. Might be related to the Xbox as it adjusts to the output (HDMI / DVI), which is pretty pointless, because to my knowledge there's no need for conversion between the two formats. If you need additional information, just ask. But please don't suggest things like "Make sure you powered on your Xbox". Makes me rage...
  23. I would like to get support from Roxio but I can't even get to step one! I bought RecordNow Music Lab 10 Premier yesterday (1/31) and registered it today. The registration email contains no support number and the purchase order contains only a Customer Number, Order Number, Password and Product Key. What do I do now?
  24. Hi everyone, I got my roxio gamecap hd pro last friday, and once i plug it in to my tv, the output to my computer is clear and normal, but my tv screen has got a major green tinge. any suggestions on how to fix this would be much appreciated thanks, Josh
  25. I've got a roxio game capture, an xbox 360, and a Blue Snowball mic which is only connected only to my PC with a USB. I want to record live commentaries, but I can't find a solution. I've tried enabling stereo mix, but that didn't work, i tried recording my voice in audacity, but I couldn't sync the two to save myself. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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