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Found 6 results

  1. samadams210

    How To Avoid Roxio Re-Encode

    After a few weeks of trying to burn a stutter free DVD with Roxio Toast 11, i came across a thread noting some of the culprits for this problem. My problem specifically was tied to frame rate. Roxio seems to use a frame rate of 23.997, where as the videos i was trying to burn were in a 30 fps (frames per second). This caused a dropped/skipped frame very often, and very noticeably. After realizing this, i was ecstatic, but still have one more issue to resolve. I cannot get Toast to stop encoding. Every DVD i have made, is sub-par video quality. Even while using a MPEG2 that is clean, Roxio can't help itself, and just re-encodes it to a lesser quality, which is pixalated and poor quality. So my final question, is what are the settings needed on a video file, so that when i select NEVER REENCODE, it will actually listen. So far i the best i have tried is MPEG2, 23.997 frames per second, AAC audio 192 kbps dolby digital. If anyone can enlighten me on what specifically is needed to keep Toast from re-encoding, i would be overwhelmed with joy.
  2. mrwatt65

    Toast 11 Titanium Install.

    New Bee, Just installed Toast Titanium 11 from CD on my iMac and updated it to version 11.2, is there anything else I should do?
  3. Rush Videos

    Toast 11 Burn Speed

    Wonder if anyone using Toast Titanium 11 V 11.1 been able to burn DVD-R at 16x?
  4. ATOWAPaul

    What Kind Of Support Is This?

    I have an issue with Roxio Toast 11 Titanium. It worked fine until I changed the Pioneer BDR205 burner for a BDR208. Now it freezes and burns coasters out of my archive blu-rays. The hardware seems OK. No updates there. I had to change the device because the Panasonic long life blu-rays are tested with the 208, not with the 205. Today I received the following response: Our product experts will investigate and determine if the issue warrants scheduling in a future update/release. We will contact you if more information is required. Somehow that doesn't make me happy. Do they advise me to sit and wait for their experts and meanwhile forget about my archiving? But that's what I bought the license for, well partly at least. I am sad to say, that this is the second issue with Roxio. The fist being about paying full amount for a license although I was upgrading from the version shipped with my external LaCie Blu-ray burner. So, if you have high expectations of the support people of Roxio, think again.
  5. DrDanDDS

    Image File Not Recognized

    I just upgraded my Toast 10 Titanium to Toast 11 Titanium and also downloaded the Blu-Ray HD plug in. I have a new Mac Mini quad core i7 with 16 gigs of RAM, and an external USB3.0 LG 14X BluRay writer. I sometimes copy TV shows using EyeTV or my DVR that my cable company provides, and want to archive them on BluRay. My first attempt involved a couple of Christmas movies I had recorded using EyeTV. EyeTV will export to Toast seamlessly either an m4p file or Quicktime movie in HD. I understand that it's a good idea to have Toast create an Image file first, then burn from that in case something goes wrong...so that's what I did. I named the 2 movies I planned to put on a single BluRay disc as "Christmas Movies". The resultant file as seen in Finder is labeled "Christmas Movies.toast".....and the label beneath the name in Finder is "Master Image File". For whatever reason.....when I tried to drag and drop this Image file that Toast created back into Toast so I could burn the BluRay disc....I get an error message telling me it's an unrecognized format! How is that possible? I tried a work around by switching from the "Video" tab up top to "Copy". That screen accepted the image file, and sure enough....it burned the disc for me. However......the menu screens were okay.....but when you selected either movie.....there was sound but NO video. Obviously something didn't work. Any suggestions? Dan
  6. bo9

    Audio Levels

    I would like to adjust audio levels when creating a playlist in Audio CD. The docs lists this as a feature then refers to the heading "Creating Crossfade" which does not have any info on that. Thanks!