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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have updated the Service Pack 2 and it is amazing...but I have 2 problems: 1.Can I to transmit stream live to youtube? 2. My channel onTwitch.tv is redirecting to Justine.tv page Thanks in advance the answers, Below the images:
  2. I'm not sure what this justin.tv thing is, but it's not giving me an option to log in to my twitch.tv channel, and when I try to use my twitch.tv log in there it crashes.
  3. I have not been able to stream from my Game Capture HD Pro since mid-December. When I have tried to all I get is a black screen on Twitch (even though it says it is "Live", however the stream is still recorded by Twitch, but no actual live stream). According to posts I have seen on this forum and on Hauppauge's it was something to do with Twitch.TV changing something meaning Roxio and Hauppauge had to patch their software to fix their streaming. Hauppauge seem to have patched theirs, but Roxio have yet to. This also seems to be affecting every owner of this capture card. Some of the messages on here seem to have been suspiciously deleted when suggesting people should contact Roxio via social media to complain about the problem, is Roxio going to actually be patching their streaming software, and if not then why is it still advertising that the Game Capture HD Pro can still live stream to Twitch when it cannot?
  4. Righto, received my roxio hd recorder today only to find I can't use it for what I intended it for - streaming on twitch.tv. After spending hours of figuring out what to do, I stumble upon this forum and ultimately learn that not only am I ^#!& out of luck, but this has been an issue for 8 months which scares me that there won't be an update for even longer... I don't want to resort to using OBS or any other program to screen cap, I just want to stream straight to twitch as the box states I can. How hard can it be to just chuck in an option for a GAME CAPTURE DEVICE to run through twitch... instead of a site that doesn't even cater to gaming now. I feel pretty deceived that this device is advertising a feature that isn't even functional. Can we please get a response on when/if we can expect an update, or am I going to be returning this device and grabbing a different brand that actually does what's advertised? Cheers.
  5. hey, I can run my setup fairly well, I think. But the only problem is that I cannot seem to connect to Twitch.tv.... It only lets me stream to Justin.tv. and I cannot set my catagory on Justin.tv to gaming as it will not let me. WHAT DO?
  6. Hey Everyone, First off i'm using the Roxio HD Pro connected with HDMI cords, with a blue snowball microphone for voice overs. The problem that i am having is that in stream my voice over isn't syncing with when i say it in response to the video and audio... what's weird is that i am just now having this problem because for about 3 and a half weeks this thing has worked fine and the my mic had been in sync with the capture and stream, but now there is a delay between i say something and when it was said on stream... i didn't mess with any of the settings and now it randomly changed on me... sometimes its in sync, but if i have to restart the stream it won't be in sync. does anyone know how to fix this or can help me with the settings... i would call customer support but they want to charge me 20$ for calling them >.>
  7. So after using Vaughn Whiskey's JTVPing tool I decided to select the server that had the best ping. I was getting choppy results. Basically it would stream, then pause, stream, then pause. After selecting the 2nd best ping location all of my issues of stutter went away. I am now able to stream clearly on Twitch.Tv at 480p (default bit rate setting). I have 50down/15up internet speeds. I am still sad that Xsplit still does not work with the Roxio HD Pro though At least Black Ops 2 has an option to turn on your web cam during league play though - so you can actually see your web cam and your game while you stream. -Embalmer
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