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Found 8 results

  1. When I try to drag files from my JVX GZ-R450 nothing happens. I tried capturing directly from the camera (files show that they are locked) and I've moved the files to my computer and I can't get the "MTS" files to show up in my project. Please help.
  2. So, my Roxio won't let me sign into my YouTube channel so I'm not able to upload any of my videos to my channel, well at least not the easy way. It says I have the wrong username or/and password, but I know 100% for certain that I have the correct ones (both) I know other people have had this problem in the past, but I have yet to find or see any solution to this issue, other than deleting your YouTube account/channel and for me that is obviously NOT an option. Can someone please help on this matter please, I'm tired of having to burn the video for several hours just to start uploading it via YouTube's own page. It would be much simpler to just upload directly from Roxio that was in the description of the product when I bought it, but as it is now it is a faulty system.
  3. OK so I create and edit a video using the roxio software and then try to share to YouTube directly through the videowave software. It transcodes and uploads to YouTube successfully but when I go onto my YouTube channel I can't find it there.
  4. I have a Roxio HD PRO and I record my 360 gameplay. It records and edits perfectly, but when I try to export and render a 1 hour video, it takes about 3-4 hours no matter what setting I use. Then trying to upload to Youtube it takes an estimated 1700 minutes for a 1 hour video. Any suggestion on what I could try? Could this just be the case of a crappy computer and slow internet. Any help appreciated!
  5. For several months now I have been unable to upload any type of video files to Photoshow. I am running Windows 7 and mostly work with .mov files, but have also tried uploading quicktime movies, .avi files, and would be willing to try other video formats. No matter what size the files or what format I use I am unable to upload videos. I have added videos in the past with no problems. My old photoshows have videos but no shows I have created in at least the last six months have allowed me to add video. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Photoshow is supposed to support AAC music files, but everytime I try to upload one, I get an error message saying "We had a problem saving your music file. Please try again." mp3s work just fine, but music downloaded from iTunes store or Amazon doesn't work. I specifically purchased this product because it would let me add music, as I am working on a funeral memorial for my sister. Help!!
  7. Good day, Having bought my son a Roxio game capture (standard model not HD),r we are stumped with a rendering problem. We have created videos (from Xbox) using different file formats and at different settings. When he tries uploading he gets the message "cannot render video into new file modify your project and try again". I have searched for this warning and have only found it once and there was no reply to the question. I was able to upload a test video by using YouTube's uploading feature. I don't know what else to modify or do to try and get the Roxio software to work. We are using it as it came in the box. I am frustrated that the product has this flaw but am eager to learn how to correct it. Can anyone provide some direction to solve the rendering problem? Both of us have minimal computer knowledge. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm enjoying using the capture card but have 2 issues that I'm trying to work out. The first isn't such an issue but the colours do seem very saturated when recording and passing through. In this instance I'm using an xbox and have tried various xbox settings and colour settings. Is there an easy default to getting a good clean image? Oddly the first recording made a file of 0k but after that they seemed fine so I'm hoping that was just a glitch. I am however having issues uploading to youtube. What is the best export format at HD quality that I can save and upload to youtube later? I tried using the export to youtube directly but it's not so great mainly because (if it's working correctly) you just see a spinning icon and no clue or indication as to what it's actually doing. After watching the spinny thing for 6 hours I decided enough is enough. Well ok, I didn't windows did doing an update but still before this point I had no idea and just left it. Is this normal? I have however uploaded 2 youtube videos manually but I want to know if there's a good 720p or 1080 setting that creates a streaming file that's not quite as big as the full blown file. 1.6 gb for 24 minutes takes quite a while to upload to youtube. If anyone has advice on the best setting to save a file for later upload that would be gratefully appreciated. I like the device although do worry about how long the sockets will survive as they do seem over the top loose. Hopefully I have a 1 year warranty that should cover this but I think the socket quality does need to be improved. I really hope that one day a mac driver will be created so I can use the device natively on my mac mini as I'm sure it could handle it. I've not tried it on virtual windows but I will do sometime in the near future just to see if it works ok. Thanks for Reading and any help given.
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