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Found 9 results

  1. By any chance can you help me with the same problem? Thanks
  2. I have roxio 2012 and have edited a video but wikk only save it in dmsm format which youbube does not support and when try the convertor still no success HELP very frustrated
  3. Roxio advertises that videos can be included in photoshows. I have tried with the formats that they claim can be included with no luck.
  4. When I record with my Roxio game cap HD pro for maybe an hour or so I stop and check out the recording file, but I see a .mp4 file that doesn't work and a .m2ts file that works. The video was recording with the .mp4 format, but was converted to m2ts. This only happens when I record for a long period of time. I tested it and I recorded a 5 minute video and it stayed .mp4, but one hour and over becomes .m2ts. Can the recording time be the problem?
  5. I downloaded the Photoshow 6 software to my computer. I loaded some .MOV clips to a new project but they play as still images. Is this how the program is supposed to work? I expected that they would play as a movie, not a series of still pictures.
  6. I have used PhotoShow for a number of years and was well pleased with the results. However, I feel that Roxio has just let this software go and not improved it or added new features. For example, supposedly you can add videos to your photoshows. I am unable to do so. Consequently I am now using another program for building my slide/video shows. I guess it is "So Long, Old Friend".
  7. i was wondering if u could get sponsred be cause everyone is sponsred by elgato and i think it would be a good idea for roxio to do it too for people with 300 subscribers or more
  8. None of my videos will play back ...only get a black screen...everything worked before ..and account is currrent..
  9. Uploading still photos and music no problem - but if you're ready to upload videos - in the correct file extension as it instructs you to do - FAIL. Also freezes - I used to be able to save my slidshows to DVD - no more! Now an MP4 is only offered. I contacted Corel technical support and this my friends, is the response I received. I will most likely be requesting a full refund. I NEED a decent slideshow program that can incorporate BOTH stills and video - and not take hours to make a lousy MP4 - I want DVD capability. It's the year 2012 - going on 13 - for Roxio/Corel to advertise this product as so wonderful - I feel the marketing department must have serious flaws. This to me, is false advertsing. Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. As a consumer i understand your point-of-view, in all honesty we havent received any word from the higher ups on when our Photoshow services will be up and running. Like you, i'm in this waiting game as well, i wanted Photoshow to work as much as you do because i use it personally. I dont want to give you answers which i cant back up and all i can give you now is mere honesty that its not yet working and i cant give you a definite time frame. If you really want to process the refund you can get in touch with our customer care: 1-877-582-6735 Thank you for your utter patience and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Kind Regards, Jonathan Corel Customer Support Services
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