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Found 16 results

  1. In my new Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8, I get this error when trying to add a video to the production in VideoWave. I thought it was the old monitor driver so I updated the monitor and the driver. No change. It says "Class not registered" What gives? I'm using Windows 10 Pro (64-bit), Build 19042.804
  2. Hi - I keep having a problem every time I get out of editing and internal track - I still see the overlays and text for the internal track (even though I am in the main program) and all my music has disappeared, and all the photos after that internal track do not show. I have to get out of videowave and get back in to have it show. Any ideas on what to do? I hope this makes sense!
  3. Hello! I've been using Roxio for many years, and just purchased NXT5 a few days ago. I created a Videowave project using .MOV files, and when I tried to export the project (in several different formats), they all had the same issue - the audio didn't sync with some of the shorter video clips in my project - it was delayed. The playback, however, on the preview screen in the Videowave project editor has perfect audio. Any ideas? Thank you, Dominique.
  4. I am on my backup laptop right now, a Toshiba Satellite M60, OS XP Pro 32bit laptop until my Dell Inspiron 3541 laptop back from been cleaned and disinfected. One of my cat decided to *^$$ on the keyboard. The laptop was shut down at the time and still works. When I installed Easy Creator 10 on the Toshiba laptop. I had just got done installing XP Pro, clean. Creator 10 was squawking about graphics driver. I updated the graphics driver. Now Videowave is squawking. See the attached files. When Videowave opens with the box pop's saying "Welcome to Videowave". I press ok and the 1st error screen pop's up I click ok again and a 2nd error box opens. I click ok again and Videowave shuts down. I don't know why. And I also don't know why XP is over all running a bit slow after a clean install. Prog's take longer to open. Firefox is taking longer to exxcute cmds's. The slownest is liveable. Steve
  5. I'm getting ready to make a movie on roxio videowave and when I preview the video before burning it, the quality of the video looks really bad and don't know how to make the quality better. Can anyone help?
  6. After installing the software onto my new PC the option to render my exporting files in AVCHD 1920x1080/60p option is missing and the list of codecs overall is much smaller. I downloaded SP2 and tried several things but the list is the same. What do I need to get this option back?
  7. How big and complex of videos should I expect VideoWave to handle? Am I pushing the limits of software and system? Am I doing something inefficiently? I am using Roxio NXT 4 Pro VideoWave. My current project is very slow, at best. For example, splitting the video track takes 10 to 20 minutes to have effect. Or, VideoWave stops responding. My current project is HD 1280x720, 22 minutes long, has sound on both native and music track, several short segments on two text tracks, a couple of transitions, and I am editing out perhaps a dozen short sections. Rendering with hardware. VideoWave updated today. The computer has Windows 10, Intel i5 1.80 GHz CPU, 16GB RAM, with 85GB available on the hard drive.
  8. Hi, I upgraded from NXT(1) to NXT4 some time ago and have just attempted to use transitions other than the standard "Reveals". I was astonished to find that many of those I used in NXT and earlier (at least back to Creator 10) are not there. There are none in categories "Page Turns", "3-D", and "Distort". I get the message "There are no items to show in this view". Can anyone throw any light on this? Is this another example of "dumbing-down" by Roxio/Corel or is it a problem my end? I've asked Roxio/Corel but as expected - No reply!! (I am already using Creator 10 (EMC10) in parallel with NXT4 to make use of the original (far superior) version of MyDVD. So far this has worked perfectly under Windows 10. Maybe I should revert entirely to EMC10 and forget NXT!!) Thanks in anticipation. David
  9. By any chance can you help me with the same problem? Thanks
  10. I have been using Videowave to create video on Roxio NXT4. I have put together Video Track using numerous video clips. I have also added am audio track. The video clips all have sound. I don't want to mute the sound which I believe I could do by putting in the video as an extra layer rather than video track layer. I want audio track to be main sound but with background sound from video track. (The video track is composed of sports clips with background crowd noise reactions and the audio track is motivational song). Can anyone help.
  11. Videowave worked fine on my windows 7 PC, but I want to work at my Asus laptop (Windows 10 Home, i7, 6 MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M). It does work, but very very slow. Also, I cannot view my production, it does start and I can hear the sound, but the space where I should see my video remains blank. When I double click on an item in the story line, it will open slowly but also will play it only with sound, the video won't show, I just see the first frame instead of the video. When I export my production I do get a working movie. So, the programs is working but I cannot see what I am doing because the preview screens do not show my content:( Already cleared proxy files, defragged harddrive, updated video driver and deinstalled K-lite codec pack. Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Dxdiag results in attachment -------------------------------------------------------------------DxDiag.txt
  12. About half of the "dissolve" transitions I installed in my videowave product work. I have a brand new ASUS (model Q524UQ, Intel i7 2.g Ghz processor, 12GB ram, 64-bit OS). Any ideas?
  13. Looking at old threads this appears to be an old and common problem with Creator NXT Videowave audio. I've been looking for workarounds and trying to determine the root cause – The problem – using “Add Background Audio” in Videowave or “Change Menu Audio” in MyDVD the program crashes as soon as it tries to access a folder containing audio files. Background to the problem – It has been getting worse over the past year or so, starting with crashing occasionally to now crashing every time. I think it started, but I'm not sure, when I upgraded my desktop from Windows 8 to 8.1. It was eventually crashing every time with 8.1 and I have since upgraded to windows 10 with no change. First workaround – in Videowave I can of course open file explorer and drag a file into videowave. I can't do that with MyDVD – I used to have to move all required files to a Windows XP or 7 machine to carry out audio work. (Note – I have several disc copies of Creator NXT bought for a photography group – the problem exists with ALL copies when installed on my desktop). Another workaround - I have recently discovered the following - if I remove all my audio files from the folder normally accessed by Videowave and put them elsewhere, then open Videowave or MyDVD, open the required file, then replace the audio file(s) that I require for this session to the normal folder, Videowave and MyDVD can then successfully access these files. Furthermore, if I then close and re-open Videowave or MyDVD and then re-open the required file the program again crashes when attempting to access the files. So, if there are no files in the relevant folder when the Videowave or MyDVD file is opened, any files subsequently added to the folder, while the Videowave or MyDVD file is still open, will be accessed successfully. Has anyone any idea what the root cause might be – NXT frailty? (there are other minor audio and other problems not mentioned here!!!), Windows? (NXT used to work OK with Windows 8 and initially with 8.1 and the same copies work on my other Windows 7 and XP machines), my desktop? (I have no other problem with it although I appreciate NXT is more complex than anything else I use). Would an NXT upgrade to NXT4 help? Cheers Dave
  14. Videowave use to crash for me when attempting to add music, discovered by deleting Smart Sound the problem was fixed. New problem is when starting a new project I click to add photos/videos and I get the dreaded "Videowave has stopped working." I've tried the compatibility (windows) option with no luck. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio 2012 with no luck and now I'm out of ideas. FWIW, this was not a problem on my old laptops (Windows Vista and Windows 7,) however I now have a new laptop that HAD windows 8 (nightmare) and I opted for the Windows 10 (free upgrade.) I discovered I can drag-and-drop but that is very tedious when working on a project of any size. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Hello, Im using the Roxio creator 2011, and im looking for a sharpen video filter like the existing blur one. but i dont find it ? please do you know where is it or if i can install a plugin for that ? Thank you for your help Michel
  16. Hey everyone, I just installed my roxio software less than a week ago and my friend and I tried recording and editing some gameplay videos. As the title suggests, the software would crash when I tried to save a production. The only reason I can think of it doing this is that I'm running Windows 10. Does anyone have suggestions for what else could be the problem? Thanks.
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