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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Am just using Web Video copy for the first time on a Win 7 pro 64 bit system with an NVidia GT610 video card. Unfortunately creator does not detect a video in the browser when it starts and waits with the 'please launch browser...' message in the capture window. This happens with ether IE11 (default) and Chrome browsers and different video sources: YouTube etc. There is a Roxio knowledgebase article for Nxt2 ad YouTube which recommends pausing video, changing resolution and restarting video, but this makes no difference in either IE or Chrome as Web video window just sits there saying 'please launch your browser to start viewing...' I'd be very grateful for any pointers to get this going Many hanks in advance
  2. Delta66

    Problem Downloading Web Video

    I have followed instructions that worked before, but now I can't download web video. Nothing shows up in the box -- neither the video I'm trying to download nor previously downloaded videos. I'm using Mac OS 10.8.4 and have tried downloading from both Safari and Chrome. Nothing works. Please help.
  3. Some Websites with video show up in window when Web Video is clicked and other websites with video do not. Currently running Titanium 11 Any Hints on how to have it show up for recording? Website in question is: http://www.revolutiongolf.com I purchased some instructional videos there and would like to burn a DVD. Free instructional videos do not show up either. thanks in advance
  4. mrmal

    Web Video

    With TOAST 11 Pro,when I capture a video from uTube or similar, the movie clip is saved in a temporary file. I can convert the clip to what ever format I want, probably for my iPad, and everything is fine except I can't delete the file from the Web Video window. The next time I open Toast and go to web video, the files are still there. I right click on the file, view in FINDER, and try to delete the file but it just pops back in. If I delete the file 6 times, there will be six files in my Trash folder, but the movie/clip is still in my Temporary folder. This folder is buried down on "Private" folder which is greyed out so I don't know how to get there except by right clicking on the file name in Web Video window. Roxio Tech Help suggested that I reset my browser (Safari) which I did but this got rid of a lot of info such as logins, history etc which I now have to rebuild. Do't want to do this again. Anybody got any ideas how to delete these files so they don't keep showing up in my Web Video window. gord
  5. I have Toast 11.0.6 and have now found that I cannot convert YouTube clips with Web video. It was working a over a month ago, but now nothing shows up in the bottom right window where streaming video's appear. There's also no downloads shown in the Roxio Converted Items folder. Can someone please advise what's happened (is there a breakdown in communication between Safari & Toast?) and what I need to change/ do to get it working again? Thanks in advance.