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Found 13 results

  1. Yeah, it appears as though for some reason my Roxio Game Capture Pro HD is now deciding to go ghost on me, which is weird because I haven't had any problems with it back when I last used it in September. Here are the problems. Whenever I start up the program, I always get the unknown capture error sign. So right off the bat I am unable to do anything, and it appears as though there are no input options available for some strange reason. The second problem I am facing is that sound is no longer coming out of my TV, despite there being visual. Here's the weird thing though, this problem only seems to be effecting whenever I hook up the Wii U, as the other systems that use HDMI seem to be working fine. Any idea what is causing these problems?
  2. As you know by now, YouTube now supports 60FPS uploads but only up to 1080p and so far only one capture card can support both (for consoles). While this is not a concern to me, what is a concern is that I can only record 60fps up to 720P. I'm aware that most capture cards, when set to 1080P, can only record up to 30fps. While I understand that, what I don't understand is that when the console resolution is set to 1080P, even after setting the software recording resolution to 720P, it still records at 30fps, but when I set the console resolution to 720P, it can record in 60fps. (Keep in mind that all of this is done on HDMI.) The questions I have in mind are: Does this only happen to Wii U? Is it due to the HDMI? Should I switch to Component? Is this a hardware or software issue with the capture card? Any and all feedback are well appreciated.
  3. So I got a Wii U, and was hoping to get around to recording a playthrough of Wind Waker HD and Hyrule Warriors for my channel, but I'm having difficulty trying to get Roxio to use the HDMI cables. I have the 2 HDMI cables; 1 was included with the Wii U, the other I just bought at Walmart. I have the HDMI Output going to the TV and the HDMI Input going to the Wii U. The issue is that the capture software is getting no signal from the console, and it's also not showing output on the TV. I don't know if there's a certain setting I need on the Roxio to get it to use the HDMI. I currently have the AV/Composite cables plugged in too if that's an issue. If anyone could provide me with some more information, it would be greatly appreciated. On a side note, my AV cables are acting up. When I try and run my Wii U on the composite cables now, the screen goes haywire and is staticy.
  4. I got the capture card set up to my wii u but when I went to record all I got was a blurry screen of colors... what happend? What do I need to do to record wii u?
  5. I got The original Roxio Game Capture(NOT HD Pro) and Even though I have the cables connected to it, and everything is hooked up, I still get the "no signal message" while trying to record the Wii U. Can someone please help me?
  6. In regards to the PS3, I've been able to record footage several times in the past without any trouble. However, today, when I started it up, I was greeted with No Signal and nothing I could do would fix it. It's the same setup I've used over and over, Component to component, plugged into my laptop. I can get picture on my TV with no problem. As for the Wii U, I have it plugged in via HDMI but I can't get picture on the TV AND I get a No Signal. I tried component as well, and the same problem persisted.
  7. I have a component cable switch box for my wii , ps2, ps3 do you think i should be able to hook the switcher box to the Roxio and then the roxio to my tv ? I also own a wii u
  8. I just received my Game Capture Pro HD in the mail today and it worked fine with the Wii U at first, but the program randomly crashed which caused the whole laptop system to crash. After restarting the PC, the Game Capture no longer worked using two HDMI cables and I do not have access to Wii U component cables nor do I want to risk a downgrade in video quality. (1080p vs. 1080i) I have also tested the device and it DOES work with the PS3 via third party component cable, but even after uninstalling, rebooting, re-plugging, and rebooting yet again and repeating this process three times, the problem has only gotten worse. Audio is emitting to the PC monitor, but video remains to be seen. After the first two times of reinstalling the software, it displayed merely a black screen with Wii U audio clearly complementing the background. Unfortunately, after the third time of reinstalling the software, there are now various colored bars replacing video which should be streaming from the Wii U console. The status properly displays that there is a signal and that it is "ready", but there is no video being displayed. Audio, however, IS still heard perfectly. Again, during the first installation of the software, the device worked perfectly with Wii U via HDMI. Is there any way I can return to that state? Can I simply wipe away ALL shreds of Roxio software and device drivers removed from my computer to then reinstall as if I'd never installed in the first place? If not, what are my options? I'd prefer not to have the device replaced as I don't believe it's a hardware issue, just a software one that I can't seem to repair on my own. I'm running Windows 8 Pro 64-bit on an Alienware M14x R2 with a basic 8 GB Wii U system and the HDMI cable it was originally packaged with. I've tried alternative HDMI cables with no luck. I took this screenshot prior to the device's performance disruption:
  9. Hey everyone I just bought the HD Pro, I'm using it to capture Wii U footage. I have got it working, and the footage in 1080 and great quaity. However, there is no audio whatsoever, which is rather disappointing. I have a HD cable running from the Wii U going into the device, with a USB cable going from device to laptop. I have tried some other combinations such as using a second HDMI cable running from TV into device, but still no sound. Any ideas as to why this issue is occuring? On a seperate note, I used the previous Roxio game cap on my laptop, but this new one seems to crash it often... is this a common thing? Cheers for any help
  10. Hi guys, so i got the roxio capture hd pro for the WII U after seeing reviews and such, and well... im in a bit of bother, i installed the drivers and cd stuff, and can get passed the capture and edit part, but when i try to actually capture my wii u, it says, (not responding) and it will stay like that unless i take the lead out or force reset my computer. i read a little on this site but cant find any thing, i tried re installing the disc, searching for repairs ect.. 1 last thing to note, it says when i install that the servers are not responding, is that usually a problem? or is roxio having a down time? any help would be great thanx in advanced p.p.s i have a high end computer that's the only reason i decided to get this cap card.
  11. I got my Standard Roxio Game Capture last night, and I know it's hooked up well because it worked perfectly last night and it still shows the game. However, when I end a capture now and also sometimes in the middle of a capture, it says "Unknown Capture Error" and the video can't play back and has a "?" on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hey guys, I was just wondering if my roxio game cap would record from my Wii U even if I don't hook up the roxio to my tv. There's no reason it shouldn't, but, does the roxio record record to the pc even if it's not hooked up to a tv.
  13. Sorry, I had to re-post this as I accidentaly clicked 'problem solved' when I posted it before. I've just bought a 'Roxio Game Capture HD Pro' to capture footage from my Wii U. The Wii U uses HDMI cables or the old Wii's AV cables and is NOT HDCP protected. I have seen videos on YouTube of people who are capturing from the Wii U using this device. They plug one end of the Wii U's HDMI cable into the output slot of the Wii U and the other end into the input slot of the game capture device. Another HDMI cable is used to go from the output of the capture device to the TV. Also, the capture device has a USB cord going from the output of the device to the PC. SO, I have downloaded the software that came with the device and launched it in capture mode, plugged in all of the cords I mentioned above, the capture device lit up meaning that it was being powered and the software refreshed itself or loaded a bit to show that it had detected the device, I turned on my TV, switched to the HDMI input mode, turned on my Wii U, AND....nothing. There was nothing displayed in the capture software and nothing displayed on the TV. It also said: "No Signal" in the software like it did before I turned the Wii U on. As I said before, I know this device works with Wii U, as I've seen YouTube videos of people who have done it. I did exactly what they did and it didn't work. I followed the same instructions as what it is said to do to capture from an Xbox 360, as it works the same way, still didn't work. As I mentioned, the Wii U isn't HDCP protected. I know it's not a problem with the software, because the Wii U isn't showing up on my TV either. I know that both of my HDMI cables are working as when I try plugging each one from the Wii U to the TV normally without the capture device, it works perfectly. So the only thing I can think of is that the 'Roxio Game capture HD Pro' that I've got is broken, but I don't know for sure. Can someone help me? Thanks.
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