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  1. Hi everyone, I got this error since a update my windows 10, de audio contro works well, but de video controller stop to work and i get this error. Here says: Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37) The driver was not downloaded. Initialization call failed. I unistalled and reinstalled de controller of the device, and I said that is de windows 10 new version because I test on a computer that has an old version and there works Would you please someone help me
  2. I have found the issue with Windows 10 and No Video. You have to go to Camera Privacy and Mic Privacy settings and allow programs to access them. After that, everything works fine but you have to make this change on the camera AND the mic before it will work.
  3. I am trying to burn an ISO disk and Roxio crashes within minutes of launch of the application. Even if I just launch the application, and do nothing it crashes within a few minutes. I don't even need to try to start the Disk burning process. Is there an update for Windows 10 64 bit?
  4. I am trying to install the easy cd and burning 2 on windows 10. I've tried the full and custom install. All end with the error 0643 and the installation fails. The previous answers that I've found only go to Vista and reference files that are not part of Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi all - Glad to have your support here. I have had Roxio Photoshow for years and have enjoyed using it. When I got the auto renewal notice recently for my premium version I realized I hadn't used it in a long time, and never on my new Win 10 machine, so I went to the website and after messing with a new password etc, I got in but nowhere could I find a link to go to my saved Photoshows. When I click on the link at the support page for Windows to re-download the software, a new tab opens, but it goes crazy with the processing circle on the tab going forward, then backwards and the page never loads, but keeps trying. I could use some help here. I've contacted support and someone was to get back to me, but so far silence. Any wizard have the answer? Thank you so much. Peter
  6. I Purchased Creator NXT 7 Pro had no signal when trying to capture video from VHS Player . Using HU3192-E. Tried to by new capture device from Roxio Won't sell Just The Capture Device Had To Purchase VHS To DVD 3 Plus To Get The Device. Received Software Loaded On Computer. New Device is HU3180-E . Started New Soft Ware No signal on video. Checked Driver Removed and Reinstalled, Program Doesn't work. Opened nxt7 pro no capture device found, Opened Digital records device is Available and will record Audio from the tape . Just Can't get the Video side of things To work I Do Have A Old Dazzle DV100 it will Capture video . Any Ideas what is going on With The New Devices And The Software? Any other information you need please Ask. I am getting Desperate to resolve this issue Thanks
  7. Hi Having an issue certifying on my windows 10 machine. Says certificate file is missing or has beencorrupted please re-install. uninstalled and reinstalled and had same problem. Any thoughts? thanks
  8. When using Batch Convert & Transfer or Advanced Rip on Windows 10.1, I get a Run Time error when trying to look up disk info: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: D:\Program Files (... And that's all the info get. If I try to just convert in Batch and Convert it aborts the same way when I click add after the Adding to Project progress bar appears. In advanced Rip, I can Rip, but it comes up as unknown content for all disks; if I try to look it up, it aborts. I've tried repair and an uninstall and complete reinstall with no success.
  9. Hi all its me again. Several weeks ago I was having a problem getting the program to open up on my desktop PC. I finally got it to work but I'm still having a problem after I hook the VCR to the Roxio device on the desktop. I have the latest updates to WIndows 10 and all the drivers etc are all up to date. I've searched throughout all the forum for a similar post but none of them have led me to a solution yet. I checked device manager and I see the 2 Roxio usb entries so we are good there and the program runs fine just when I hook the Roxio capture to the VCR OUT and I'm getting nothing. Meanwhile on my laptop I hook it up the same exact way I did to the desktop and it works perfectly. I was able to convert a vhs to the program with video/sound feed no problem. I just want to get it to work on the desktop becasue it is much faster, stores more memory etc... Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks all. Eric
  10. I have spent hours trying to get a driver to work for the VHS to DVD USB Adapter on Windows 10. I have downloaded the Win64 driver files, and even tried the Win32 driver files (even though I knew that would be the wrong one), and out of desperation I have even tried the old 2009 usb driver, as well as the uninstalling and re-installing the disc multiple times, hoping that the driver was actually on the disc and would install but it never does. when I check the device it always says that windows could not install a driver for it, and that it currently has no driver. I can't for any reason seem to be able to get the Roxio software to see the Roxio USB Adapter. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I have a new HP high-end desktop running Win 10 Home 64-bit...lot's of speed, memory & storage. I have tried multiple times to load my new Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus software from CD. It seems to load ok, says I have to reboot, and I then download the software patch from Corel/Roxio which says it is for Win 10 compatibility. It is the only update shown. I do another reboot. When I then try to start the software, two squares appear with one pulsing in the other saying words about "rendering", and ultimately the blue Roxio box comes up. (That box notes it is build 301B91B VH3.) Then nothing else happens....spinning circle forever. A ctrl-alt-delete shows Roxio as unresponsive so I close it out after maybe 10 minutes. As I said, I've loaded this twice now, using Revo to uninstall as suggested in other postings on this subject. Other posts have said to only download two updates from within the application, but since the application never starts for me, that is impossible....and I only see one update at the Roxio site. I have a request for help into Corel/Roxio....wish I felt that would be a timely response. Meanwhile, any thoughts???? Thanks.
  12. Hello Community, I had made a HUGE mistake by not using Roxio to burn DVD when I upgraded to Windows 10. The disks I burned turned out to be Data Disks and not DVDs. All files seem to be in tact on the DVD (files, data structure, names, size, etc...) is there a way I can turn these data disks into DVD so I can play them on my DVD player Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wally
  13. Videowave use to crash for me when attempting to add music, discovered by deleting Smart Sound the problem was fixed. New problem is when starting a new project I click to add photos/videos and I get the dreaded "Videowave has stopped working." I've tried the compatibility (windows) option with no luck. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio 2012 with no luck and now I'm out of ideas. FWIW, this was not a problem on my old laptops (Windows Vista and Windows 7,) however I now have a new laptop that HAD windows 8 (nightmare) and I opted for the Windows 10 (free upgrade.) I discovered I can drag-and-drop but that is very tedious when working on a project of any size. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Hi, Does anyone out there yet know whether Creator NXT will work with Windows 10? My experience with Windows 8.1 is that Videowave has more areas where it is flaky. I now have to move everything over to a slower Win7 machine to carry out some audio operations. I expect Win10 to cause more issues!! Any comments? Cheers, Dave
  15. Hi folks. OK, I messed up I tried to install Easy Media Creator 9 onto my Windows 10 PC... of course, it failed (I did NOT know it was not compatible) So, I tried to uninstall it... and keep getting an error message about "unable to find certificate file" and then it gives me an Internal Error Code 2343. I need to know how to uninstall this... any help would greatly be appreciated... Tired Roxio and Corel... they were NO HELP! said they do not support Roxio EMC 9 any longer.... am just about fed up with them....
  16. I just upgraded to Windows 10 (from 7) and now my NXT3 and Roxio USB Video Capture device (UB315-E serial # 15089064456) is not working. I can open the HOME window of NXT3 but when I select CAPTURE VIDEO it hangs. Any ideas?
  17. I have Roxio 2010 and have enjoyed using it but since i have upgraded to windows 10 it does not work and Roxio says my drivers are up to date. So does 2010 no longer work on windows 10. I appreciate any help. I have attached the screen print with the error i keep getting. Thanks Tee
  18. I've got a new HP ENY 16GB ram 4 GB video, intel Core i7-6700HQ@2.60Ghz. Only have itunes and MSOFFICE Home/Small Business edition installed on the system and I can't install Creator NXT Pro 4 from disk which I purchased. Keep getting Lock ups and error messages. no not of error messages received. Tried to do the complete install without any customization in the process. Help please Thanks Dwayne
  19. The DVDs I burn with this program are unreadable by a DVD player or by a computer. I recently purchased Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus and installed it on my old desktop PC: Gateway DX4840, RAM 8 GB, Intel Core i3 CPU, Windows 10 Home v. 1511. I installed Roxio's Windows 10 patch update. Windows 10 itself updated automatically last night. The Roxio capture hardware is attached correctly, and I capture old family VHS videos just fine. They appear on my hard drive as MPG files, and I can view those files with Windows MediaPlayer. But I want to clean them up and burn them to DVDs as gifts. Using the Record, Edit and Save option in the Roxio program, I started a project with four video clips, adding up to 1 hour and 40 minutes of content. I succeeded in trimming, stabilizing, and denoising, which improved the video output noticeably on preview. I added titles. So far, so good. Then, I chose the DVD option and exported the project to a fresh Verbatim DVD. It took about four hours to finish. (Is that normal?). The finished DVD won't play. The Sony DVD/VHS player says there's a disc error. (It plays other DVDs without a problem.) The finished DVD also won't play on the computer. The finished DVD has folders labelled ROXIOPLASMA and VIDEO_TS. The latter has .vob, .bup., and .ifo files. The .vob files are large enough to represent the four video clips. They don't play in Windows MediaPlayer. I've tried the same steps multiple times, on fresh DVDs. Same results. Is this a Windows 10 problem? Anyone else experiencing difficulties like this? Roxio's live tech support center is closed for the holiday. Any suggestions?
  20. daryl007

    Usb Bsod

    Please update and signed the driver uth5x64.sys as every time I plug in the usb cable for roxio game cap HD pro this happens connects and disconnects then bsod comes up with system thread exception not handled related driver uth5x64.sys then reboots the laptop everything is up to date + drivers
  21. Just installed NTX 4 on my PC. Create DVD's craches on startup with the following messge; An unknown error has occurred. The application will shut down now. Exception: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID (OCE308D1-D2E0-4656-BEA1-79FE86A7A258) failed due to the following error: 800700c1 is not a valid Win32 application. (Exception from HRESULT: Ox800700C1). Could use some help please. Randy
  22. I upgraded to windows 10 last month. Today, when I started the easy vhs to dvd, the only signal I get is from the built in cam on the laptop. I can't find a setting for signal input, and I don't want to disable the built in cam, so, has anyone had a similar problem? Most important, does anyone have a solution? Mike
  23. I just purchased NXT4 and while attempting to install it hangs calculating required space. I am not sure what the issue is, but the install windows doesn't seem to be displaying correctly. I am unable to click on any of the buttons displayed and the only option is to close the window from the task bar. PC Specs Quad Core 3.4Ghz Intel 3770 16GB Mem Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB 128-Bit Not sure where to go from here....
  24. Non-techie and newbie here so apologize in advance for what could be a simple question. However, I haven't found an exact anwswer to my question.... Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 is NOT compatible with Windows10 at the moment. Is that a correct statement? If that is true, my follow-up would be: Are there plans to make it compatible with Windows10? Finally, if Windows10 and Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 will not work together.... Does anyone have a recommendation on how I can transfer videos from my miniDV tapes to my computer? Thank you in advance for dealing with newbie questions. I appreciate your patience and your cooperation.
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