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Found 40 results

  1. Hello i really need some help here. I have a Roxio Game Capture that doesn't seem to be working. I have tried uninstalling it, then re-installing it. I have tried to repair the device, and i have even tried the update on the Roxio web page. Nothing seems to work. If you have any ideas or things i could try PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know, I'm desperate to get this thing working again. Thanks and BTW I have a window 7- 64 bit computer
  2. MrAppleJuice77

    Roxio Video Is Glitchy

    Hi i have a roxio game capture HD pro. My videos always glich and i dont know how to fix it. PC Specs Windows 7 Ultimate AMD Turion Dual-Core RM-70 2.00 GHz 3.00 GB Ram NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G My Pc is a HP laptop
  3. brodiecantskate

    Background Buzzing Noise

    Hi there. I received my Game Capture HD Pro today and it's providing a great picture so far however I am also receiving an annoying buzzing noise in the background. I have tried swapping cables around and have even recorded footage of my Laptop using it which also has the background noise. It's a similar sound to feedback given from guitar amps, etc. I am running the capture card from an Xbox 360 into a regular LCD TV via two HDMI cables. I am also using the provided USB cable running into my Toshiba Laptop and the provided Roxio Game Capture program to record. Here's an example of the noise I am getting when recording. I can hear the noise too coming from my TV/Laptop when I'm running my Xbox which I never hear when I am normally playing. Also I'm not sure if there's any relation between the two but I was recording Black Ops 2 footage earlier and there was a 2 second delay between the picture and audio. Thanks for any help I'd really appreciate it if you had any solutions.
  4. I've been trying to record my Xbox 360, however I am unaware of how I can switch from PC Output to HDMI Output. Sadly, I think it's because I am using a Lenovo All-in-One PC. Any Suggestions. Their is a 3 second lag between the Input of the Xbox and the output.
  5. my hd pro wont record on 720p or 1080i on component it was always able to till the lateset update so now i cant do ps3 videos how can i fix? it only records 480p only yyyyyyyyyyyyy
  6. I have a Xbox 360 and the Roxio capture device. When I got everything set up from the mail and when I connected the Xbox 360 component cables to the Roxio device and the Roxio to my tv and booted up my xbox, there was a signicant video lag and static like picture. Output on tv is 720p and Xbox 360 is set to 720p output but even when I changed it to different outputs the same thing occured. It's not the 360 component cables as they work fine as well as the TV. What is causing this issue?
  7. URGENT! We have recently installed the Roxio Game Capture software onto our windows 8.1 laptop and it comes up saying: "The certificate file is missing or has been corrupted. Please re-install it." Can someone please help us? This is kind of urgent as we are starting filming for a big GTA film we are doing on the 1st OCTOBER and we need this software working then. Does anyone know how we can fix it? NOTE that the computer is running on Windows 8 and we had to recover the software from a Roxio up port member. Thank you
  8. IanDude365

    Roxio Hd Pro Crash

    So, I was trying to record a video game on my Xbox 360, and I got about 2 minutes into recording until my computer showed the blue screen of death and restarted. Now, every time I press capture it does that! Help?
  9. Piccleman

    Working On One Xbox 360, Not The Other

    I have a few capture cards. Two xbox 360s. Have capture on both of them many times. Now suddenly only one is able to capture. The other one says No Signal, no matter what I try. It still works connected to a tv, and I've tried every connection that works on the other xbox. Even the same computer. Only thing I can think of is maybe a setting got changed on the one Xbox, because literally everything else works(cables, Roxio software, capture cards, computer) the only thing that isn't matching up is the xbox, and it has worked many times before as I said. Why am I suddenly getting no signal?
  10. Boredom

    No Game Audio

    So, I have my Roxio Game Capture Device finally, and I ran into some problems while using it. It started with not being able to have an audio at all. I got my mic to pick up. (I use TurtleBeach XL1) My own voice is coming through just fine, but I am not picking up any game audio or voices of other players. This is really killing my recordings for YouTube. PLease help me!
  11. itek4bux

    Xbox 360 Game Capture In Black & White

    Hi, I've connected my son's Xbox 360 to the Roxio Game Capture HD using composite video cables but we am only able to capture video in black & white. The display on the TV is in color so it seems like the color is passing thru the device, yet on the computer the game capture is only in B&W. I've tried a different XBox 360 with different composite video cables but it's still only captures video in B&W. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey, I have been having a problem with my capture card, it keeps speeding up the sound and video when I am recording. I know most people say that the problem is the computer your recording on, but its not. My computer has 8GB of ram and a 1TB hard drive. It is also brand new. Could anyone please help me? Thankfully I am a trained editor in TV, but the last thing I want to do is spend hours on end adjusting the speed of the video and the pitch of the sound.
  13. TheGeekyBanana

    Audio Capture Help

    Hi, Fairly new to game capturing but is there a way for me to capture my voice along with anyone i maybe playing with on my xbox 360 (in a party)? My current setup involves me using Audacity along with my webcam mic to pick up my audio and using the Roxio to pick up any party chat as I have the output for that set to speakers & headset on the preferences menu tab on the xbox itself. This seem fine but the webcam microphone is picking up the audio from the tv that the game is playing on so when it comes to editing the footage along with adding in the audacity file with my voice , im getting like a double audio for the party chat. is there a simpler way to record gameplay along with my voice and my friends without the need of using other software and mic.
  14. Hi there, I just received my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro the other day and I was going to test it out today on my Xbox 360, the xbox 360 that I own is not, NOT, a xbox 360 SLIM... The issue I have is for my xbox I am trying to use the HDMI cables for input and output. There`s no signal going through the TV nor the computer. Thing is if I just plug in the hdmi from my xbox to the TV (Instead of the xbox to the game cap, to the tv, and to the computer) It works fine. So in general my question is to use the HDMI for input and output on the Roxio GameCapture HD Pro, do I need to use an Xbox 360 SLIM? and my second question is, for me to be able to use my regular white Xbox 360 (non slim) do I need to use component cables for the input? Hope one of you can help me out! Thanks in advance
  15. Hello. I have been trying for around 3 hours to correctly set up my brand new Roxio Game Capture with my Xbox 360. I have watched many set up videos and many settings videos but I still can not find a fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_KPVhSP8xw
  16. I have recorded/captured video while playing my xbox 360. It will capture the voice of who I am talking to thru chat, but not my own voice. I have tried several things thru my settings on Xbox and none of them have worked. The capture card has the option to change the mic settings on live streaming but not capturing video. Whether I am recording or live streaming, it does not have my voice on the audio. I have owned this capture card for two days now and it has been nothing but a hassle. The box and advertisement said "Easy to install instructions" and "video tutorials", but these nor the "help" section has assisted me in solving this problem! This should not be a problem for something that is supposed to be "user friendly". Please help so I can enjoy/use the product properly!Oh and I have the Roxio HD Pro for consoles. This is at the top of my screen so I know I am in the right forum "Roxio Game Capture for consoles".
  17. I have the Roxio Game Cap HD Pro and I've been trying to record footage from my Xbox 360, however, it won't accept any input above 480p, meaning on my xbox 360, I have to manually change the settings to 480p. My xbox 360 is hooked up via Component Cables and the output to the TV works with either HDMI or Component (both 1080p capable). However, on the computer, the capture software just won't accept anything above 480p and will just say no input or simply crash.
  18. Hey guys, I know a lot of people have been having a similar issue as me but im tired of trying to find solutions because literally everything I have tried has failed and I've about given up. Please reply with solutions to the issue shown on my YouTube video shown here. As I say I have tried so many online solutions but maybe i'm missing something. Everything seems to be hooked up correctly, My pc is pretty powerful, my drivers are all up to date. Im stuck for ideas. Please help! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjCgjLGwljU
  19. I'm experiencing some problems. A few months ago I posted some video's to test my video quality of my Roxio game Capture HD Pro to make it work in 1080i. It worked and I was excited to post allot more video's on Youtube. Then I put the capture card away since I didn't have time for it. Then today I reopened it because I wanted to make sure if I still remember how it works and everything. I captured in 1080i on 15000 Kbps. When I was done editing it I exported it in a wma file. When I logged into my youtube account and pressed upload the video couldn't be uploaded because it failed to process due to the fact the video wasn't in the right format. It was in Dmsm which the default file. I don't know why it didn't work I tried many things to make it work. The settings were exactly the same I had from a few months ago when it uploaded onto youtube with no problem. I tried to change the settings and the format I was exporting it. I tried different browsers like internet explorer, chrome, firefox, to see if it would work on them and I also tried uploading the video's to different accounts. Then I uninstalled and installed my Roxio game capture card hd pro program again and it STILL DIDN'T WORK!!!!. I give up if this is the type of problems i'm having after spending 120 dollars on this thing then it is a complete waste of money and I want my money back. Please help.
  20. DanC95

    Setup Help/advice?

    Hi there, I'd just like to ask for a bit of help here since I've been trying for weeks now to get my setup to work with the Roxio HD Pro, but with mixed results (which is very confusing... and frustrating). So before I start, here are some of my computer specs: Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 Processor, 2.0GHz, 2MB Cache. 2GB Ram 1535 MB NVIDIA Geforce 9300M GS Windows Experience Index: 3.7 So I finally got the roxio, installed the software, plugged the usb in and connected my cables. The setup is as follows: Xbox360 Slim (250GB) -> Component/AV Cable -> Roxio -> Component cable -> TV With the roxio unplugged, my TV displays games perfectly fine in 1080p. However when I load up the software for the roxio, the preview screen flickers blue, the "Signal" part shows "No Signal" then switches to "Ready" and then back again frequently. Despite the cables plugged into the roxio being Component, and the Component LED being lit up on the actual Roxio, the software on my laptop says HDMI and refuses to change. If I move the Capture quality slide bar, it will flicker from HDMI to Component, and will then usually crash. Despite this, it HAS WORKED ON SOME OCCASIONS. In some cases the software has loaded perfectly fine, with the signal on "ready" and the preview showing exactly what is on my TV. I have managed to record several gameplays this way. But it still persists in being inconsistent. So I read a few similar cases on these very forums, and decided to repair my software after uninstalling the roxio driver. I followed this exact process: Switch off firewall -> Plug in the roxio device -> Uninstall the roxio driver (in device manager) -> Remove the roxio device -> insert the installation disk -> Check for updates -> Repair the software. This did not work and led me to completely uninstalling and reinstalling the software. I still get the same results. So from this information is there anything that anybody can spot to see where I'm going wrong, and what I can do to get the roxio working? As far as I am aware, my computer specs are adequate for the Roxio HD Pro, despite being on the lower end of the spectrum. Also the HDMI port on my xbox is broken due to a faulty HDMI cable in the past, hence why I am using the Component cables. So HDMI is out of the question here. The second component cable is new, the Component/AV connecting the Xbox to the Roxio is not. However the Component/AV Cable has worked perfectly on the 3 consoles I have tested it on. Any ideas? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks! P.S. Would it be possible to use this setup; Xbox 360 -> Component/AV cable -> Roxio -> HDMI cable -> TV ???? Just a thought.
  21. I have a problem with editing my captured footage from the game Halo 4 on my Xbox 360 (no other game attempted yet). the footage is recorded properly, but when I export in videowave, I have de-synced A/V. I have already attempted several different export output profiles and matched framerate as well as kbps, but still it's out of sync. My capture settings: resolution - 1080P quality - 10000 kbps System specs: MB: Asus P6T CPU: Intel Core i7 920 (LGA 1366) (overclocked from 2.67 to 3.7GHz) RAM: 24GB DDR3 1600 (underclocked to 1485MHz to match CPU OC) GFX: Asus nVidia GeForce GTX 660 OC 2GB GDDR5 OS: MS Windows 8 x64 pro Cooling - more than sufficient. CPU is watercooled with Corsair Hydro H100i and doesn't go higher than 58°C under 100% load on all cores (prime95 tested) apart from unsynced A/V in videowave, other video editing software I have tried for this all had their own share of problems with the raw footage recorded through hdmi. Cyberlink PowerDirector 11: Imports the files and automatically splits it into scene segments, which seems nice, until you put the segment on the timeline and half of the scene is missing, or audio or video goes missing. (I had no problems with component input from PS3 using this editor!) Corel Videostudio Pro X6 + SP1: very unstable with files passing 4GB ( I had a 1 hour 48 minute video file at 6.8GB). Export stalled at 18% (which took it 2 hours to get there with a 5:40 video...) Sony Vegas Pro 12: Imports the files, but only shows a part of the file on the timeline. I am at a loss and very disappointed with this. I have about 5 hours of footage and I can't do anything with it. Did anyone have a similar problem, and if you did and managed to fix it, please share your solution with me. Turns out a piece of freeware called Any Video Converter was the solution to my problem. It's a simple piece of software but it got the job done where paid applications failed
  22. So i'm trying to record my xbox 360 gameplay but it will not pick up sound.
  23. CarbonCamaroSS

    Roxio With Commentary On Xbox 360

    I have purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro in order to make my own YouTube videos like everyone else. While it works very well, I can't seem to get my Capture device to capture commentary with my friends voices simultaneously from my Turtle Beach X12 headset on the Xbox 360. I have searched videos and articles and have found one video, although it was for PS3, and they claimed it would work on Xbox 360, however it does not. I am looking for a straight forward, cheap way to fix this using my current headset and without having to spend a lot of money to get this fixed. List of items I have -Xbox 360 -2 HDMI cables and set of Standard def/HD component cables -HD TV -Laptop with Roxio Capture/Edit Software -Roxio HD Pro -Turtle Beach X12 headset http://www.turtlebeach.com/product-detail/pc-headsets/ear-force-x12/56 -Lots of confusion Thanks.
  24. MacXGaming

    Xbox 360 Vs. Ps3

    Hello Roxio Forum, I think a lot over, why are there so many people recording xbox? Why not PS3. Is it because there are faster DLC packs for xbox - or what is the reason that all / many record xbox?
  25. Hello, i just recently bought a roxio game capture card for xbox 360, I've got all the cables and plugge them in the right spots. Now that i've done that i have changed the resolution to 1080i i think its called, and on my computer i can hear the sounds but the screen is all black? Please help me asap!!