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Tivo Transfer Stalls After Approx 300Mb Of A 1Gb File, Intermit!



Hi Guys:

I'm troubleshooting a needle in a haystack...


First, I have Toast 9.0.7 and Tivo Transfer 2.0.


I use Tivo Transfer a LOT.... & so far have only had this problem on one show, but have now had it twice. It's an hour long show. It's all on Tivo & I can view it just fine from the Tivo on my tv set. I can see it as a 1.2Gb file on the Tivo Transfer screen under "Tivos/Dvrs." However... when I transfer it... the transfer just stops (no error messages) at like 347mb. There are four episodes of this show that I've tried to grab and transfer... all on the same channel... same day/time of the week. Two of the four have worked flawlessly and now two have done this. I have never experienced this problem before, and other transfers are working just fine.


I know, I know, sounds like a needle in a haystack.


I've shutdown & restarted the Tivo.... but given that it's not happening anywhere else with anything else, I'm unsure where to look to resolve this issue.


Any ideas??





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