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Linda (Data Backup)

Backups: With File Path Issues, Can A Report Be Accessed Listing Problem Files?

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When data backups are being done using Creator Classic, and there are pop up warnings about folder depth/file path issues, is there any way to create a log/report listing the problem files? Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Has to do with the file system you picked (or it defaults too ^_^)


It is Joliet with these limits:


Filename – 64 characters max

Pathname – 128 characters (full path + filename)

8 subdirectories max

4gb file length limit


Simple solution is to open the Project Properties and select UDF - No Bridge as the file system ;)




I turn off "Validate" as it does not do what you think it is doing so it is a waste of time :wacko:

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