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But What Does Error 8004520C Actually Tell Us?

Lynn Lynn


I was a professional computer programmer for 20 years, long ago, starting with absolute octal machine code, not assembly language or compiler language. We could not use symbols for operation (commands), operands, or memory locations, but had to specify absolute memory addresses and octal codes for ooperations. So we felt as if we were performing the operations ourselves, simply using the computer, almost like a big calculator, to carry out our (often brilliant) creativity. My PhD dissertation was on Artificial Intelligence, but I never lost the feeling that it was I who was carrying out the operations the computer was performing. Any intelligence that a computer appears to have is that of a programmer or programming team. Computer programmers bear a responsibility to know what they are doing, and if they create well, they should know how they got to a particular place in their program.


It is 100% useless to the user for the programmer to put up an error message "8004520c" and when we click on details to get no information. The programmers who worked on the rendering engine should know why they put up that error message. I have seen in this forum that even the most sophisticated replies do not pin down the actual reason(s) for the error, but seem to offer several theories.


I am quite sorry that Corel/Roxio no longer offer email support. If they would assure me that they knew the answers to some of my questions and would give them to me, I would give them the money they ask for. But I believe they would take my money and leave me without satisfaction. I doubt that they are empowered to go to the original programmers and get the true answers, but would tell me only some things to try.


An unrelated gripe is that VW too often goes into an apphang, greying out the window, with no explanation.


Have any of you highly experienced members of the user community managed to learn, in terms a computer programmer would understand, what actually leads to that error message?

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Have you Pushed anything to Stack lately :lol:


HOW many possible error codes are there?


Did you EVER write an exception routine to spell out a solution or sugar coat each and every one??? :huh:


More than likely you created an exception routine that utilized an IF THEN ELSE fall through logic. The last ELSE being to present the error code to the User and End Program -_-


Microsoft's BSOD is classic example of the end of the line in a exception routine :D


Even the one you cite has several 'answers' ~ I get over 8,000 results on Google for that code alone.


Roxio's Knowledge Base gives us 2 - HERE and HERE


You really expect us to believe that VidoeWave is the ONLY program you have ever had that Stopped Responding and went gray???


I do agree 110% that any un-handled error is frustrating but you can't get all of them ;)

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