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Dvd Won't Play On My Computer.


Help! I have used Roxio for several years (even though I think it's slow and painful to use). In the past, I've been able to burn a DVD and have it play on my computer, as well as on my DVD player. I just upgraded to Creator NXT 2 and made a DVD. It will play on my DVD player, but not on my computer. I need it to play on my computer so I can use it to show a slide show for a wedding rehearsal dinner. Is there some different file format I need to save it in to play on the computer?

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The question is, what did you create? Did you simply put a bunch of pictures onto a data DVD, or did you create a video DVD, using VideoWave?


In some cases, a DVD player will recognize a disc that has a bunch of picture files on it, and start a slide show. That's something that has to be built into the firmware of the player. If that's what you created, you could simply use Windows Photo Viewer and "play" the disc with that. Maybe that will satisfy your needs?


If you actually created a Video DVD, then obviously you created it correctly since the DVD player plays it. So you should simply need to open the DVD with your DVD player application on your PC to play it.


So, what did you really create?

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