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Yet Another No Tv Signal (Has Pc Signal!)



Apologies for making yet another topic on this, but is turning it off and on and checking the cables really the only way to fix it? I've been using the Roxio HD Gamecap for about a year now, and it has never once functioned flawlessly, always leaving me to "turn it off and on" for about an hour until it finally works. The HDMI Cables work fine, (I tested them with just the TV to Xbox) so why doesn't it work? I've tried resetting the software after unplugging it and turning everything off. It only works after about a dozen tries and quite frankly, Im fed up with it.


Just today I attempted fixing the software, which made it appear on the TV, but not on the PC. Then, after turning off the Xbox and doing the run of the mill unplugging everything/resetting software more than a dozen times it still doesn't work. I can deal with it not picking up my voice, or how the editing software crashes every other 10 minutes (probably my computer anyways) but if I cant even get it to work after an hour of following instructions set by many other members, I've been left with nothing but a 150$ paper weight. Sorry for ranting, but I'd like a much more reliable fix then just the "turn it off and on again" deal.

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Great! That is what we are looking for - Red No Signal means just what it says!


You do not have a valid signal coming from your Xbox into the RGC and that is what you have to fix!


Best guess is that you need to set your Xbox to HDMI output instead of Automatic. (with auto it usually makes the wrong choice)

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This is your FIRST post here so no one ever told your to turn it Off and On :huh:


How about a screen cap of the Capture Program while it is not working? (posting info HERE)


Good news is that if the Pass Through to your TV is working, you most likely have the software installed right ;)


I understand no one ever told me not to turn it off and on, but that is almost every recommendation I saw browsing the forums.


I got it to work one time last night, but that was after I reinstalled the software. I turned it on just this morning to be greeted with neither working.


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