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How Burn A Dvd - Split From Hijacked Thread



If I want to burn a move (dance practice) to a dvd and replay on a dvd for home use, what do I use?


I have an HP Pavillion with Windows 8 installed.


The Movie Maker which came on the computer won't allow buning on a dvd. This Roxio in red box will not capture from my sd card. Thanks

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A "capture" usually involves grabbing video from a device such as a camera or player. If you have it on an SD card then it has already been captured and saved to a file on disc.


If you have version 14 which runs under Windows 8, you should use MyDVD to burn the file(s) from your SD card to a DVD.


What type of file is on your SD card? This version of MyDVD 14 handle only these types of files:







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