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Can't Find Topic In Regard Blank Radio Buttons In Roxio Labeler



Hi Members,

Are you able to see my original post in regard to Blank Radio Buttons in Roxio Labeler and Express Labeler?

I posted it under Creator NXT 2, General Discussion.

I can't seem to find it no matter how or where I search.

I became aware of the issue when I clicked on a link to the topic in an email from Roxio Support.



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Stop creating a New Topic each time!!!!!


I replied to it this morning but there have been some board issues this morning and it really may have been lost this time :huh:


I found a link to it and restored it but I have NO Idea how this happend! Brendon did it once by accident but he rarely makes the same mistake twice!


I do :lol: But did not delete it for sure!

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It was me I'm afraid.

I accidentally got your topic while I was cleaning up a spamming attack.

I've reinstated it, and I grovel prolifically while I ask your pardon. [i'm embarrassed!]


Best regards,


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