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Problem With Tv/ps3 - Switching To Component Display



Hi guys, its my first time setting up my roxio game capture hd pro but I'm 95% sure it's setup fine. :) I'm using a ps3 and the component is plugged in fine, the hd is in the tv and power in the laptop, the device is on and plugged too with corresponding cables. I watched the tutorials I could find and it seems to be fine. The problem arises when switching the ps3 display setting to component. At this point the tv goes black and and the ps3 resets to hd after 30 seconds. The tv is a philips flatscreen and should be absolutely capable as it has component jacks(?) in the back. Am I missing something? thanks for reading.


Edit: software is running fine so far too

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Sorry no, it doesn't but opened my derpy eyes to thinking I could've been unclear in my first post as well, the tv and ps3 are connected by hdmi, the ps3's component slot has the roxio connected to it which in turn is connected by hdmi to the tv(not a channel port but to one on the side). The roxio requires me to set the ps3 to run off component if the tutorials were anything to go by but the ps3 and tv are connected by hdmi as I've seen in tutorials. I thought the roxio being connected to the tv by hdmi and the ps3 by the component would resolve any sort of transmission errors from the tv to ps3 which are connected by hdmi but now running on component. As the ps3 only has one component slot and it is currently used by connection to the roxio I cannot set up another component to the tv from ps3.

Do you see my problem now? :/ to reiterate the tv should be fine with either component or hd connection. I thought the roxio bridges the gap caused by the tv and ps3 being connected by hdmi but ps3 running on component as ps3 to roxio is component and roxio to tv is hdmi as I've seen in tutorials I've watched.

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That is even far more confusing than your first post :lol:


PS3 can only connect to the RGC via Component!


When the RGC has Component Input it can output as either HDMI or Component...


IF you use HDMI from the RGC, keep in mind it carries HDCP code and your TV may not be compliant -_-

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Okay, sorry about that :) I've been jiggying around with everything and figured it must be a problem with hdcp as I can capture content(I've realised), it is just the tv Will only show a blank screen.

So my 'issue' I posted about is not so much a roxio issue as a tv one, I will marked as resolved in the morning but before I do could anyone tell me a little more about how to work around the hdcp problem? (Preferably involving buying nothing new if possible :P haha)

I have tried a couple of teles but both give the same problem and without trawling through lots of old forum questions which aren't specifically about this problem or overly technical for me or I suspect too old could anyone give me just a little insight into why exactly the tv is having this problem with the RGC in regards to HDCP? Which I'm still not sure I understand properly either(but I don't need to).

Thanks for taking the time to reply and deal with someone new like me, it can't be easy ;D


Edit: Making myself clearer

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