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Best Resolution To Use In Burning Dvd



I am using WIN8.1 on my computer and Creator NXTPro. After rendering my video and on playback on my tv, the color is way too intense, dark, and too much red. What is the best (easiest and quickest way) to correct this? What is the best rendering setting that I should use?

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The questions would start with, why is your video too intense, dark, red to begin with? Where is this video from? Captured through the Roxio Video capture device? Roxio Game Capture Device (Standard or Pro)? Copied directly from a memory device from a video camera?


How does the original video look on your PC compared to what you see on your TV? Are you playing it back from a DVD you wrote, or directly from your PC?


If you didn't adjust the brightness, contrast or color, then what you're playing back should reflect what you started with.


Videowave has options to affect all of those things, contrast, color, and brightness. It will take a long time to apply those changes since it has to do it for each frame. So, it would be nice to understand if you're starting with a video that "needs help" and if there's a way to eliminate some of the problems from the start. If not, then you'd adjust the Videowave settings, looking at the preview, until you get it the way you want it, and then render using those settings.


Does that help?

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