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Dvd Won't Play On Any Player After Successful Burn.



Well I created a 4 minute promotional video for my business in iMovie and saved it in High Def .MP4 format. Last night I paid $149 and downloaded TOAST Platinum. I inserted a brand new Memorex DVD-R and burned the movie to Standard DVD 3-4 times. I alliterated between auto-play and menu- verses no menu options.


None of the DVD will play on any player in my house including the new Samsung Blu Ray player I bought for a trade show in two weeks. When I insert it I get "Incompatible System Hardware" messages.


The same DVD will play fine on my MACBOOK Pro, which I used to create the video.


I cannot find any help online about this issue and I am really disappointed. I paid $150 and it seems I am going to have to take my video on a USB drive to Kinkos and have them burn it for me.


Any ideas? Thanks

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