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Choppy Footage When Creating Dvd




I really hope someone can help 'cause I'm going a little crazy.


Like I have done many times before, I have edited and exported a video from final cut pro, and the video file create plays fine.


I then put that video in Toast (And since then I have tried other 'DVD makers' with the same result) and burn it to disk. Then I play the disk back on my mac, and on my TV, and some of the footage is choppy. Not all of it, just some of the shots.


I've been trying to figure this out for over a day now. I'm not an expert with editing and exporting so if anyone knows what I can do I would love the help!



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If you are exporting from FCP with the ProRes codec, try something else such as h.264. Toast's MPEG encoder seems to have trouble with ProRes. You also can use Compressor to create the .m2v and .ac3 streams instead of using Toast. Then drag only the .m2v to Toast and it will ask you for the audio stream (unless they have the same name except for the extension and are in the same folder). Toast then will multiplex rather than encode the video when authoring the DVD. Compressor is a higher-quality MPEG 2 encoder than Toast's.

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