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Convert Show From Uverse Dvr



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I am trying to use software to copy a show to my PC from a Uverse DVR I no longer use anymore. When I hook up the DVR, the screen shows the Uverse screen but nothing is happening. Any help would be great. Thanks!


You will have to supply a lot more info such as your hookup. Most here know nothing about the "Uverse DVR" or what format it records etc.


What software are you using? You just can't copy from the DVR to your PC, you have to capture the video.

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I have done this before but as Walt points out it is a matter of Output matching ;)


The V2D device REQUIRES either, S-Video (+audio) OR Composite Video (Yellow RCA)...


That is the only thing that you can connect to on the DVR. Then of course you must PLAY the DVR recording in order to capture it.

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