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Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Not Working



I'd like to preface this by saying this is a problem I have extensively worked on on my own, utilizing the community forums and knowledge of my own, friends & family, as well as electrical store personnel. I apologies for the length, I've tried a lot.


With the fear that someone will give me the “there’s your problem right there” answer, I’ve been trying to get the Roxio Game Capture HD pro to work with the Nintendo Wii. BUT- After I was unable to get the wii to display properly (more on that later) I decided to simply test it with my cable (I think shark week was on), which I could get to display. (again, more on that later) so please don’t just write it off as “it wasn't designed for that.” Roxio itself says in its specs that it is capable of capturing any (but specifically encrypted like PS HDMI output) HDMI or component output. Anywho, please give me a chance.


I will include pictures and a DxDiag with my Computer specs--See attached. I am running windows 8.1 on a Asus R500V laptop with i5 - 3230M, 2.6GHz processor, Nvidia Gforce GT (635M - 2GB) graphics card witch is have fully updated and used as my sole graphics card. I have 3 USB ports, two of them 2.0 and one 3.0 and have tested with Roxio in each port.


Roxio software/drivers and all that good stuff from the CD has been downloaded properly, in English, YES checking for updates on the install, and repaired in the method Jim Hardin always recommends MANY times. (eg. Disable device, unplug, disable antivirus/firewall, CD repair, patches, re-enabling Roxio) After a few days of poking around and having nothing work, I uninstalled Roxio and all the drivers and re-installed it carefully to the specs listed in the community with the same problems perpetuating again. Again I repaired the system as Jim recommends. Again same problems. This is where I'm at now.


[Addressing patches quickly, I am patched fully up to date 1.3. I have been able to locate the 1.1 and 1.3 patches. just for more info, when running the 1.1 patch, it can't even detect Roxio on my computer. This would concern me if not for the 1.3 patch running and saying I'm good and fully up-to-date with no need for this patch,
running 100B15A



Patch 1.1 pictured above



patch 1.3 pictured above


So what IS the problem you say? The simple answer is I have the red Status: No Signal as well as Roxio Media Capture has stopped Working crash when poking around, but it’s a bit more complicated than just that, I think.


I have personally determined that, to my knowledge, this is not a hardware problem but a software issue. Evidence follows if you’d like to read what I've tested to conclude this.


I have two wii’s, an original white and a special edition red. I include this so a) it adds evidence to
not my single wii being broken
both normal and special edition have been tested
as in my extensive community forums reading I came across a guy who said Roxio didn't work on special edition Xboxes. Seems a bit strange to me, but hey, let’s rule it out, eh?


That being said, I have also determined that
the component video and audio wii output cable I have does work
. I have hooked them up directly to my TV and they work great for both wiis.


I’ll try to be very specific with my setup. My wii component video and audio goes into the Roxio, Roxio outputs the
USB cord it came with
(another forum sated that using a different USB cord than the one it came with breaks it, and I am using the one it came with, avoiding this) into my computer and also outputs HDMI to the TV.


So the setup is
Wii (component)>Roxio>HDMI TV, as well as hooked to my computer
. In another forum a user stated he was able to have this setup working. (picture below)





When being hooked up to the Roxio with this setup, while the wii is off, the Roxio capture program starts with a green Status: No Signal and the TV displays a blue screen as the forums say it should if it detects proper input but with the device not on.




Turning the wii on while in the program at this stage changes nothing. Messing with the quality, however, causes the “select video device failed” problem. (pictured below)



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Way tooooo much to read and retain :lol:


It does work when connected to your Cable TV?


HOW is it connected in that case?


Do either of your Wii work with it?


WHAT Output do you have selected for the Wii?


The steps you have taken are all the right moves, nice job ;)


The software updates can get a little strange at times and I have no idea why :lol:

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