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Need Udf Program


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Sorry to bother anybody with my problem here but am hoping I could get help. A few years ago it was a good idea to put scanned and other photos on a disc kind of a back up in case something happened to your PC and to save space. I am a photographer so I had thousands of photos I had put on disc, (A) to save space, (B) as back up. It seems that what ever program I had at the time saved the photos as Universal Disc Format (UDF) files. I have purchased new computers over the years but now I do not have a program that will recognize these disc are even in the computers drive. The old weddings and stuff I really don't care cause they are either already divorced or have purchased all that they was gonna so after about 5 years all negatives, if apply, are destroyed including records and disc. My main concern is the thousands of snap shoots of my kids I had on disc when they was babies and through the years. They are now adults, (18 & 20) and I had scanned thousands of pictures of them and now I have noway of retrieving them. Does anybody know of a program I can load that will run UDF files and is compatible with my Windows 7.

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Sounds like you used Direct CD or Drag to Disc a packet writing software, you formated the disc first?


I would recommend this, http://www.isobuster.com/isobuster.php


I have it and have used it to recover files. The free download won't recover the files but will show you if you can recover them.

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Please be aware your discs may be patchy to read after all these years, especially if they are rewriteable discs.


Here is an installer for the final version [version 9] of Drag to Disc. It will install and run under Windows 7, 32 bit, and if all goes well it should be able to read your discs.


It will install into the folder C:\Program Files\Roxio\Drag-to-disc. To run it once, go to that folder and double-click on DrgToDsc.exe


If you want it to run whenever you start Windows, right-click the .exe file and create a shortcut,





. . . then copy that shortcut into your Startup folder





If it does not read your discs, or after you have finished with it, you can uninstall it through Control Panel > Programs and Features. Remember to delete the shortcut from your startup folder.





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