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Encrypting The Disc

Fred Finch


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I need to know how to password protect a disc. I was given the link below on how to encrypt, but when I followed the directions I could not get the icon symbol long enough to click on it.




So I still need to figure out how I can password protect the disc.




Click the down arrow (red arrow) move down and click options.







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To finish CD's post, after you drag your files onto the Roxio Burn icon and click the "burn" button, it'll ask you for the password you want to apply.







I could not get the icon symbol long enough to click on it.



No need to finish my post.


The OP's trouble was trying to get to the options!

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So, you insert a disc, the Roxio Burn icon appears, then disappears when you click the "option" arrow.


If you go into Task Manager, while the Roxio Burn icon is on the screen, click on the "Processes" tab. You should be able to find the "Roxio Burn.exe" process, and probably the RoxioBurnLauncher.exe process right there with it. With the task manager open, if you then click on the Options arrow in the Roxio Burn icon, does that process disappear? And then does it subsequently reappear?

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Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling NXT 2 on your system? Or reinstalling and selecting "repair"? It rather sounds like a messed up installation since it's crashing like that. What version of Windows are you running?


As for creating a password protected .ZIP file, you'll probably need a separate program like the actual WinZip program. I guess there are a number of other applications available as well that allow you to encrypt with a password. Actually, I just checked, and I have PowerDesk installed, which will create ZIP files, and that has an option for adding a password too.

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