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Will My Pc Be Able To Run The Game Cap Hd Pro?



Hello, I am going to be upgrading and getting a PC for my Game Capture HD Pro and I was just wanting to be completely sure I should have no problems with it. So I have been using the HD Pro with a Laptop, ( Some quick specs: 4GB, 2.4 Pentium Processor, 250GB Hard Drive). Now I have been wanting to buy a PC so I can play PC games to and be able to upload some PC gaming to my YouTube channel which is strictly console gaming at this moment.

It's a brand new Gaming Desktop and I just want to be sure before I buy because I want to be able to record in the highest of quality with the HD PRO!


Here is the specs:

AMD( 8-Core) FX-8350 4.0 GHz Processor ( Never Overclocked )

1TB 7200RPM Sata Hard Drive

8GB DDR3 12800 Memory

Windows 8.1 Professional

750 Watt Power Supply


I could be getting a great deal on this! I am very excited to get it because I have always wanted to get into gaming on the PC but when the Xbox One came out me and my friends got that so It pushed it back. I hope to get some advice, Thanks in advance!

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??? do you intend to Play on the PC and Capture with it at the same time? ~ it is possible but many are disappointed doing that :(


You could Play on PC and Capture on Laptop...


Otherwise, looks like a great system ;)

Yes that is what I was going to do because when I record PC I will just use the laptop but if it doesn't go the way I plan it I'll just buy dxtory or Fraps to record PC Gaming. But I am creating a setup for my YouTube channel so I want to have a beast PC to play games and have my amazing Roxio HD Pro to record my console gaming to. I have trouble with editing because of the Laptop so I want something better. But thank you for the help!
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