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Paul Schuster

Audio Cds Burned With Roxio Recordnow Premier

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To Whom It May Concern:


I use Roxio RecordNow Premier, version 12.2.206;, on my desktop PC running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit). Though I am able to play back audio CDs I burn on my PC on my home stereo, car stereo, etc., my boss is unable to play audio CD discs I burn for him of audio files I have recorded on my PC, or other audio recordings - all files in "Windows PCM WAV format, 44100Hz, 16-bit, (not ripped from another "pro" CD) on his boom box or car stereo. Both of his CD players are only a few years old. Is my version of RecordNow capable of creating audio CDs that are "universally compatible" for playback on standard CD players, or not?



Thanks for your time and help,


Paul S.

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Paul, just a heads up, but you'll get an e-mail that there's a response here, rather than a personal reply. Also, you'll want to remove your e-mail address from your post above because it'll be harvested by the spammers and you'll get on other lists.


Anyway, if the CDs you're creating work on your home stereo and car stereo, then you're obviously creating a standard Audio CD, which is "universally compatible" for playback. About the only thing that would prevent them from playing on your bosses players is if, for some odd reason, they don't like the type/brand of disc you're using.


To start, make sure you're using CD-R discs (write once) and not CD-RW (erasable) discs. Some players don't like CD-RW discs. Then, try a different brand, just to see if that makes a difference. Verbatim has historically been a good brand to use. If you can find JVC/Taiyo Yuden discs, those are even better.


Is there anything "unique" about the players your boss has?

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Greetings Digital Guru,


Thanks so much for offering me the tips given. I don't use CD-RW disks, but I'll switch brands of CD-Rs to Verbatim and see how it goes... My boss was able to play the disc back on his PC, so the "hand off" isn't a failure. I guess I shouldn't be so quick to blame Roxio, right?



Kind regards,


Paul S.

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