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Sharing Dvds On Dropbox

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now that i have dvd's (unprotected personal not commercial), i want to upload one to dropbox and give the link to others to access and view the video.

i copied the entire dvd's files - audio TS and video TS folders totalling 2.5 GB.

so now i have a bunch of files in those 2 subfolders inside a new folder for this video on dropbox == and now my kindergarten question is: how do i play them as a viewable video? and how do i create a single link i can share with others to download and play it?


thank you!

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Answer ~ a user would point their Player to any of the *.VOB files within the VIDEO_TS folder. (the AUDIO_TS Folder is not needed for software players)


Alternate Answer ~ When you Export, also use the Computer preset and make a file in either the mpeg or H.264 (mov) format and use that for DropBox...


This way allows the user to download and probably double click the file and it should run without fuss.


Either way TRY it yourself to see which way you think will best serve your target audience ;)



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