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Videowave Output To Wmv - No Audio On First 2 Segments


Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum but have been using Creator 2011 Pro for a couple of years now. I have just started having a new problem with it.


I use it to edit videos shot with a Panasonic SD90 camcorder. The camcorder's format is m2ts files.


When I export a finished production to wmv, there is no audio from the first two video segments. It doesn't matter what the duration of those segments is, the audio does not cut in until segment 3 starts. I tested this in the following ways, always with that same result:

- I had a 3 minute clip made up of three segments, the third segment started at about 2minutes30s and so did the audio

- I split segment 1 after 5 seconds and after 10 seconds, and now the audio cut in after 10 seconds (my "test" video)

- I inserted two colour panels at the start of the test video but the audio was still missing from video segments 1 and 2

- one exception: I did find that with a colour panel inserted after video segment 1, the missing audio now changed to segments 1 and 3, that was the only occasion I got audio on segment 2 but that's no help at all!


So there is something very specific going on to cause videowave to mute two segments, it is not tied in to the actual m2ts files because when I split them in videowave I get audio output for footage where it was silent before I made the splits.


Can anyone help me get to the siolution for this?


Thanks, Steve

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The 'answer' is in the other Topic you started.


Get the Repair done that cd suggested and all issues should go away ;)

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