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Sound Editor...click Sound When Dividing Tracks


This is in reference to the Roxio sound editor program that I got with my purchase of 'Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus!'.


This appears to be a software issue, I am away from the computer it is installed on so can't give all the specs of my machine but I don't think that is relevant here.


I have been having very good success recording my various vinyl LPs using Roxio Sound Editor. My method is to record the album (all sides) onto a single file within the product. Then I go back and split up the tracks, edit the titles, do some sweetening, and creates MP3s for loading into iTunes. All satisfactory, except for a few things...I'll open a separate topic for each.


Biggest annoyance is that there is a quite loudly audible click that occurs at the various points in the file where I separate the individual tracks. Some of my albums are in good enough shape to where you wouldn't know it was an LP that was ripped except for this.


Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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With one of the split audio files in the Timeline, spread out the timeline almost all the way; do you see a tic on the timeline where the split is made? I have used the audio capture in Creator and it should be the same. I had no ticks when I used it.


Have you updated the driver for your audio card lately? What Operating System are you using?

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