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Sound Editor...more Precise Method For Setting Recording Level?


This is in reference to the Roxio sound editor program that I got with my purchase of 'Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus!'.


This appears to be a software issue, I am away from the computer it is installed on so can't give all the specs of my machine but I don't think that is relevant here, other than the fact that the operating system is Windows Vista.


There is a box in the record dialog to set the recording level. I find it almost impossible to 'finely' tune this level; I can use the mouse to move the slider, but this is very inprecise. There is a '+' and '-' button but this moves the levels in large amounts.


I'd like to be able to more precisely change this level as different albums that I record have differing levels.


Also it is important to me (and I think makes a huge impact on the quality of the transfer) to get the level as high as possible without clipping.


I have messed with the sound recording properties in Windows, making the level the maximum (100) to get as much signal to the software but that hasn't resolved this.

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Why are you not using the auto level control ? It is designed to get the max level without clipping. You can use Sound Editor to increase or decrease audio levels in that application. You can use "Maximize" when you burn to a CD or export the tracks/clips. When you are editign, select "clip properties and read about DC offset; especially when you are using several different albums.


If you are playing around with this feature and your Windows audio settings, you may be causing the audio blip that you discussed in the other thread.


As you are learning, the Sound Editor is NOT a full service audio editior. If you are serious about audio, look for another, more sophisticated audio editor ; for example "Gold Wave". There used to be a free trial.

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