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Sound Editor...method For Saving Wav Files By Specific Name?


This is in reference to the Roxio sound editor program that I got with my purchase of 'Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus!'.


This appears to be a software issue, I am away from the computer it is installed on so can't give all the specs of my machine but I don't think that is relevant here.


I am not only recording my various LPs using the product for the purpose of creating MP3s for import to iTunes but also just to save the recorded .wav files for archiving.


When the program creates a recording, it saves it in a specific default folder as something like 'audio.wav'. Is there a way to have the program prompt the user to specify the wav file name saved and/or to have the program save the file automatically using the name of the '.dmse' file being recorded?


At this point, I have to complete doing the recording, find the 'audio.wav' file, rename as fits my preferences, and then relaunch the '.dmse' file and then have the program go and find the changed '.wav' file name. Manageable, but quite a pain. Also, if I want to do a bunch of recording without editing the files, I end up with a whole bunch of files such as 'audio.wav' and 'audio1.wav', etc that have no relation to the '.dmse' file by just looking at the name of the '.wav' file.

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