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Stops Recognizing Bd Images?



I have been using Toast Titanium 11 with the HD upgrade for quite some time, probably two years now and never have had issues! I use it to burn Blu-Ray images created in Adobe Encore to a variety of external Blu-Ray drives. Using 17" Macbook Pro (8,3) on OS X 10.8.5.


For whatever reason, after burning a few Blu-Rays yesterday Toast all of a sudden decided that my image is now a 15.69 GB DVD image instead of a BD image obviously creating huge issues and now won't properly burn a Blu-Ray. I can't find other posts about this so I'm begin a new thread hoping that someone can help me. Image attached showing the image information and Toast is showing it as an overfilled DVD in the meter at the bottom.


Hoping someone can help, thanks!


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Sometimes Toast's preference files get corrupted and it no longer knows the correct space available on blank discs. This is fixed by trashing the Toast plist and prefs files in either (or both) the user and root Library>Preferences folder(s) and relaunching Toast.

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